Madcap Coffee Company

Last month’s Angel’s Cup beans comes from Madcap Coffee Company.  The fruity/nutty aroma greets me when I open the bag.  On a second deep sniff, the earthy aromas start to percolate the senses at the expense of the fruits.


The grinding accentuated the nutty aroma even more!  What does it taste like?  The nutty flavor is pretty dominant though which is surprising since there was no lingering aftertaste that many of the roasters seem to have.

Ticket Scalping…

Scalping Tickets is pretty big business.  Even Ticketmaster has decided to “allow” scalping of tickets by providing a secondary market for “verified” sales…  This is a screenshot of anyone looking to buy Hamilton Tickets.  Note the Orchestra prices.

Ticketmaster So Fucked Up 1

And do you know how much Orchestra tickets generally go for?  Less than 200 dollars without the added fees tacked.  Resale goes for double the initial purchasing price.  As much as I understand the whole arbitrage of tickets, I find it a bit absurd that Ticketmaster allows the resale of their own tickets.

Ticketmaster So Fucked Up 2

If you look carefully, some of the premium $650 seats are going for double as well.  Why would anyone want to pay double the price for premium seats when there are still seats left?  egads…


The Senate’s Healthcare Bill

The Senate’s Healthcare Bill has come out.  And almost immediately, the opposition from within the Republican ranks is forcing a delay in the vote.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  The CBO scores it even worse than the House version.  egads…

I wonder who else will be in the room when the Republican’s gather enough votes to make it happen.

One thing that’s a bit interesting that I heard from the political podcasts are that most of the items don’t take into effect until after 2020.  Sounds very political doesn’t it?  How true is this?  Not sure.

Maui Mokka Coffee

So these Peaberry coffee beans are not part of the Angel’s Cup subscription that I subscribe to.  They were a gift from someone who went to Hawaii recently.  I’ve been grinding these beans for quite some time now (2 weeks) and I’m almost finished with the bag.


A wonderful cherry/berry aroma wafts in the air when I first opened the bag followed by an intense earthy and caramel/chocolate chaser.  After grinding, the coffee grounds take on a more intense nutty and chocolate aroma.  I don’t smell the fruits or caramel anymore.

After making the latte, these beans are extremely smooth to drink.  The latte leaves this pleasant after taste that lingers at the back of my tongue.  It was so delicious that one time I made the 2nd one immediately after finishing the 1st one.

Political Hypocrites?

Let’s face it.  The current US politics is a fucking mess.  Whenever one political party is in power, the other party seeks to put down and belittle the party in power.  The term “bipartisan support” might as well be considered the Holy Grail.  The latest incident deals with the secretive process this new AHCA/TrumpCare that’s being formulated by the Senate Republicans.

Back when ACA/Obamacare was being formulated, Republicans were not in power and were subsequently denouncing the Democratic led efforts for healthcare.  This Washington Post article does a good job summing up the hypocrisy in politics.

When will the average citizens become tired of this bullshit?

Why can’t the average citizen hold the politicians for BOTH parties accountable for their actions and words?