Jumpy Monkey Coffee

What happens  when monkeys drink too much coffee?  A Jumpy Monkey!  OK ok… that was bad.  January’s Angels cup comes from an aptly titled roaster called Jumpy Monkey.  Aside from the bright red bag (in preparation for the Lunar New Year), it’s a celebration or orange and jasmine aromas from these Kenyan beans.  According to Google, Kichwa Tembo is from the southern area of Kenya near Lake Victoria.  Interestingly around this area is a lot of the nature reserves.


After making my latte, I’m surprised at the subdued flavors.  The citrus and jasmine disappears and what I start tasting is a subtle chocolate, nutty and earthy flavor.  There’s also no lingering after taste.  I wonder how/why aftertastes are “formed” through the roasting process.



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