Public Impeachment Inquiry

I’ve been thinking about what Dems messaging should be throughout the public impeachment inquiry.

First and foremost, regardless of the party in power, the Dem’s message is a concern that a president is seeking foreign aid for internal political gains. Followed by a simple question of… Do you want your president to be seeking foreign help to discredit political rivals?

Actually you know… This seeking help for political gains sounds very similar to what the “dictators” do. And Trump respects dictators… Like the North Korean Kim Jong Un… Coincidence? Hmm…

Being Sick

In the past, when I got the flu, it would start with a scratchy throat, maybe a persistent cough.  It was quickly followed by a compromised respiratory system, headaches, sinus issues, fever, chills, puffy eyes and stuffy/runny nose.

After a particular nasty flu, I opted to take the flu shot the following year and every year since.  What has ended up happening, is that I seem to get “flu-like/cold-like” symptoms every year after the shots.  When these symptoms come, it again starts with a scratchy throat, persistent cough and compromised respiratory system.  From here it branches down into various paths “flu-like/cold-like” paths.  Sometimes, I get sinus issues.  Sometimes I get stuffy/runny nose. Sometimes, I get a fever….

It makes me wonder what exactly is happening?  Flu shots do not protect me from ever getting the flu.  The CDC even lists the effectiveness of flu shots to range between 40-60%.  What does this all mean?  My guess is that I may have gotten the flu but the severity of the symptoms were decreased significantly due to the flu shot.

At the moment, I have a scratchy throat, persistent cough and I’m slowly sliding into stuffy nose territory.  =[

Squash Thoughts

I participated in a local squash tournament recently.  While refereeing a 4.5 game, it occurred to me one of the biggest difference between the 4.5 players I was watching and a 3.5 player like me is the consistency of the shots.  No matter what the opponent hit (fast, off speed, off the wall, tight to the wall, lobs, etc), these 4.5ers were able to almost always respond with a deep rail or a deep cross court lob consistently.  When they were not able to, the opponent would take advantage and start to put pressure.  From the pressure, mistakes would snowball into a point or somehow counter pressure would bring stability back to the game (i.e. back to shots/strokes).

In the past during this particular tournament, I wasn’t used to the speed of the game.  The courts were “fast” meaning the ball warmed up quickly and became very bouncy.  The bounce affected the timing of the my swing and subsequently my shots and my game.  It also didn’t help that everyone smashed the ball as hard as possible so that added even more pace to the ball.  Additionally, my fitness has always been lacking and my mechanics break down as I’m tired.  I continue to work on all these different aspects of the game as much as possible in between the tournaments but I’m realizing that I may need to go to the “round robins” to play with a variety of different people.

With this recent tournament, looking back at the match I lost, I was unable to consistently return my opponent’s serves and shots with a deep rail or lob.  From the serves, many of my shots were too short and too shallow allowing my opponent to put pressure.  And even if I was able hit a semi-decent rail, they were too far from the sidewall or bounced too far off the back wall allowing my opponent time to setup his shot.  When I was able to hit deep shots that put him under pressure, I was able to control the rally and ultimately be able to win the point.  This tells me that I’m just not consistent enough to be able to execute these shots yet during a game.  Ultimately, it comes down to who is able to make the least amount of errors.

Looking back at the matches I won, I was able to hit the deep rails that put my opponent under pressure from the start (especially when he served).  When I wasn’t able to hit deep rails, I ended up being under pressure and generally lost or got lucky and the opponent lost the point.   So again, it tells me that I’m not consistent enough to execute.  One really positive outcome is that my recent change to my lob serve really helped with winning points against my opponent.  I had at least 3-4 points per game that was a result of my lob serve being unreturnable.  This also included in the match I lost.  This is good validation that this new way of serving should be refined and perfected more.

Based on what I’ve learned and thought about, I think my next steps are to adjust my mechanics based on the speed variability of the ball and less about the overall speed of the game.  The best way to to do that would be to play against higher level players during the round robin.


Brandywine Coffee Roasters

October’s Angels Cup comes from Brandywine Coffee Roasters.  The packaging bag is pretty nice but I forgot to take a picture of the hippos.  Fortunately, if you look at the website, different coffees future different pictures.  Anyways, October’s coffee comes from Columbia’s Antioquia region.  Specifically, (thanks to the power of the Internet), it’s from a small region called El Hato.


Opening the bag, aromas of nuts and berries waft through the air.  Grinding the beans and making my latte, the first sip is was amazing.  I taste caramel, chocolate and berries with each taste.  There was such a pleasant nutty aftertaste and since was so smooth… I ended up drinking this so fast that I brewed another latte immediately after.  Subsequent lattes have been just as delicious and smooth.

The K2

So I heard of the Korean drama called The K2 because of my Google news feed on Yoona. Yes, the Yoona from Girls Generation.   This girl group was my first foray into the Kpop.  Specifically, after I heard Gee, I’ve been a fan of their music.  I mean… with such an up-beat tune it’s easy to love the song.  Then you have other fun upbeat songs like Vitamin, Dancing Queen, Mr. Taxi, Genie… ok… you get the picture.

I will also admit that Netflix has been importing quite a lot of Kdramas to US.  I’ve watched my fair share of these dramas to know that they are much more riveting than the single episodic US TV dramas.  I think one of the main issues with US dramas compared to foreign dramas are the fact that the US storylines are all contained within one single episode.  I don’t need know what happened in the past episodes to know what is going on in the current one.  Seriously… do these TV production people think we’re stupid that we can’t follow the plot line through multiple episodes?

Look at Game of Thrones?  Part of it’s popularity is the fact that each season is one long story arc that seemingly ties many plots intricately together at some point during its 8 seasons.

What’s going on in Hong Kong?

Oh man… what a week it has been.  After Morey’s tweet in support of Hong Kong creating such a backlash, Blizzard, not wanting to be left behind, bans a Hearthstone player for his support of Hong Kong.  And then… Apple, also not wanting to be outdone, acquiesces to Chinese demands and pulls apps from the iTunes store.

What’s with all the news in Hong Kong?

Vox has a really good article.  But here’s my summary…

A little background if you don’t know where Hong Kong is… it’s located in the southern part of China.  It was an important entry point into the “China Market” as well as a financial center back when Hong Kong was under British rule.  Since the British handover in 1997 back to China, the “one country, two systems” was Communist China’s temporary stop-gap measure to appease the capitalistic and democratic opponents of a communistic government.  In essence, this system allowed separate economic and governmental sovereignty within Communist China.  In my opinion, this incompatible system is really at the crux of these protests.

A few years ago, the Yellow Umbrella movement was a political protest movement that protested Communist China’s “meddling” with HK government affairs.  In summary, it was opposition to the Chinese Communist Party selecting the candidates that the HK population would then vote and appoint to the HK legislation.  In short, it very subtly bypassed the HK Basic Law which was “guaranteed” for 50 years post handover.  I’m not sure this ever fully got “resolved” but looking back, this was the Communist party’s initial skirmish to “test the waters” on HK sentiment probably paving the way for future political schemes.

Fast forward to 2019, Hong Kong has new protests.  These protest were originally against an extradition bill in the HK legislature and has now morphed into more demands mainly to try to protect and define the language behind the idea of “protest vs riot.”  Admittedly, it’d devolved into a situation where protests, counter-protests, government plants to incite protester violence, and government collusion with HK Triads.  It’s not going to end well for Hong Kong.

But here’s a possible solution that a friend of mine mentioned.  Would HK people be opposed to this solution?  Chinese Communist Party grants universal suffrage to all HK people allowing them to vote for any legislative candidate. Any law passed by the legislature must be approved by the Communist Party before coming into law.

The Morey Tweet

I wonder what the general American populace thinks about the NBA after it initially censored the “Morey Tweet.” Is this a case of where a company lost sight of what it’s values are?

Should you be worried that a foreign government has that much influence on a company?

Should the American government be worried?