What if I don’t want healthy?

Instacart’s algorithm managed to sneak in a healthy alternative as an option!? ><


Dave Chang on Instant Pot

Celebrity chef Dave Chang has a podcast that I regularly listen to.  This particular podcast had a short segment starting at 39:34 about the ubiquitous InstantPot.  To be honest, I had been looking to see if a pressure cooker or a slow cooker would be beneficial to me during these unusual COVID-19 times and once normalcy returns.  I had looked at an InstantPot but I had been hesitant about these multi-functional devices because… well multi-functional means the devices does nothing well (which I might add was also a sentiment of Dave Chang and his guest).

Since then I’ve done a deep dive into the various pressure cookers, slow cookers and multi-functional cookers in the market.  There’s a lot and such a wide price range too.  For now, I’m going to hold off on any purchase until later.  I’m trying out a 2nd hand slow cooker to see if its useful.

Chinese food in LA

A fascinating short read of the history of Chinese food over the recent past two decades. The rise of mainland Chinese cuisine (like Sichuan/Hunan cuisine) is not yet over. With China being larger than US and with “slighty” more people, the number of different cuisines yet to be exported to the US will undoubtedly change the LA Chinese food scene in years to come.