This New Block Editor is horrible

Does anyone else think this “new” block editor is horrible? What’s the rationale behind this change? And why does WP think this format is better than the older way of writing?

  • Are they trying to minimize the formatting tools options that used to run along the top? Those tools are COMMON to any word type document user.
  • Where are the visual indication of where the page margins are? It’s a bit disconcerting since I usually rely on those indicators
  • I think at the very minimum having a visual indicators of the BLOCK itself would be a good change.
  •  Once you switch to using this editor, there are compatibility issues after switching back to the classic editor

Using a layout block in dual column option… the lack of borders is really disconcerting since it now seems like the two columns are super wide and will basically ruin the width setting of the theme. I don’t know if there is a positive benefit in being able to change the column color.

AND then you can also use a classic editor in the new block editor?  What the fuck?

And then you can have multiple “blocks” within a dual column? This clearly going to fuck up with the HTML settings

Removing blocks also isn’t that intuitive at times. Need to click on the block (good luck trying to find the right block), then find the little pop up, then click on the three dots to see the option. Highlighting text would be much faster but you know what? It still leaves a “block” in it’s place as opposed to fully being deleted.

I also don’t understand why a new paragraph warrants a new block.
Although SHIFT+ENTER seems to keep them in the same block.

And what does group do? Seems a bit pointless since it combines them all into 1 large block but still with various “sub blocks”… which again leads me to the need to have some sort of demarcation of the various blocks within the editor.

What is VERSE block?  
roses are red
violets are blue
WP blocks
just screwed you

Oh that's interesting... it keeps it all neatly under one large block.
And where do i format the "preformatted" options?  Because font and size look different

seriously this is stupid

Imitations of Imitations

Lately when browsing in Amazon, I’ve been seeing a trend of a seeing imitations of imitations of the real product.  If we suspend any thought about IP theft related to these products, the constant iterative process of tech is pretty fascinating.  Sometimes you’ll see normal everyday US-centric products on Amzon (like a cable grommet).  You then add power outlets.  Then as the need for USB charging arises, USB only chargers appear.  As technology becomes better/faster/smaller, the ability to have a USB hub and charging as well as video outlets, audio jacks and ethernet ports (example or example).  But this iterative process doesn’t surprise me.  From a Wired documentary about the innovation found in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, the constant iterative process of tech is pretty normal.   One thing Wired discussed was the lack of IP enforcement.  In many situations, the shop owners know that enforcement was impossible and so actively sharing ideas so that new ideas can be born became the norm.

But back to Amazon… I’ve been seeing these imitations and have been trying to find out what was the original product and how did that product evolve to what I’m seeing.  In addition to this, I’m also trying to see if they have a website which would at least indicate a serious global nature of the Amazon store.  What I end up doing is opening a bunch of links to investigate more.  Because of this cross checking, I’ve ended up finding something even better that is also carried in Amazon but wasn’t on their first few pages.  One of these would be this high quality leather desk pad from Galloway Leather.  I ended up purchasing it because the first option I wanted was out of stock.  Although it’s now on the first page of my feed (thanks to algorithms, maybe?), I originally had to go to the 2nd or 3rd page for it to show up.  Ironically it was an “Amazon’s Choice” which makes me wonder that the Amazon algorithm probably didn’t think I wanted this type of high quality material.

How would you handle COVID-19?

Since hindsight is 20/20… this is what I would have done with COVID-19.

In late January, announce that the international borders will be closed within 10 hours of the announcement.  The 10 hour buffer allows any current en route flights to land without issue.  Empty inbound international flights are still allowed in order to accommodate any outbound international flights.  The crews from these inbound flights will be sequestered to just two or three hotels only.  This action isolates the crew so to allow contact tracing to be easier in case of outbreaks.  Domestic travel can still operate normally until otherwise told.

I think if just this measure was put in place there might not have been an outbreak in both Seattle and New York.  It’s still possible the cases could appear as there were only 15 confirmed cases back on Feb 15, 2020.  Given the incubation length and the potentila asymptomatic transmission possibility, a January closure would have mitigated the most damage.  According to the NY times interactive modeling, the 15 early cases were linked to transmission from China.  However, what’s more important is that any subsequent cases would be linked to these 15 cases AND there would be no new influx of cases.  Although travel was restricted from China on Feb 02, 2020, restrictions were imposed far too late from Europe on Mar 13, 2020.  Between late January and mid-March, countless travelers passed through the international airports and silently spreading the infection.  Through genetic testing, the outbreak in New York was linked to a European strain.  It shows just how partial restrictions are pointless.

If these borders were to have been closed in late January, I see a number of different scenarios that would be different

  • COVID-19 cases would be limited and probably very manageable by the healthcare professionals
  • Stay-at-Home requirements might never have been issued
  • Businesses would remain open
  • Healthcare system would function at normal capacity without needing to be in constant emergency “war zone” mode
  • No Masks
  • No Social Distancing

What would you do?

#FakeNews Notifications

So to support #FakeNews, I have the digital access (i.e. web based / app based) subscriptions for the LA Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post.  I find it a bit amusing that the Washington Post notified me a full 18 minutes before the others two.


I wonder what this says or doesn’t say about:

  • capability to obtain the news
  • productivity of the writers room
  • speed to “print” of the news

WP Statistics…

When I log into WordPress, the default page I see is the statistics page… Logging in today, I see this map of China.  And it got me thinking if any of my posts are being censored.  There would be no way for me to know is there…


But I also started to wonder what the breakdown of total visits since this website was started on WordPress.


Now that’s interesting… Hong Kong is its own little entry.  The “renegade” province of Taiwan isn’t represented.  Based on the map of countries that WP has below, it seems like people are clicking from around the world.  That’s pretty cool.Capture11.JPG

Nerdy Financial Speak

I was looking at my 401K this morning and had a thought…. “How much money has an individual contributed to a 401K if they started in 2000 and they contributed the max allowable every year?”

Fortunately, a search yielded this website.  Plugging the numbers into Excel was pretty easy.  Total contribution for the past 20 years (starting in 2000) amounted to only $329,000And so I had another thought… “Websites lately have been saying if you are XX years old, you should have YY amount in 401K.”  I went back to search a few websites and although they didn’t tell me much.  One website stated that by 30 I should have 1x my salary; by 40 I should 3x; by 50 I should have 5x.  As the website stated above, I wondered if it was possible that someone working 10 years making 50K could actually have 1x salary saved.  Remembering back how I first started working, money was tight.  Looking at the numbers, it’s possible but the numbers are difficult to “hit” 40 and 50 strictly looking at the just contributions alone.

The first website I linked also had a target guide.  The guide lists # of years worked and then a range on Low/Mid/High.  According to the website, if you’re between 30-45 (Middle Age/Mid End) you should have somewhere in between $150,000 to $500,000!?  Fact: If you contributed the max amount for 20 years starting in 2000. You would have only contributed $329,000.  $329,000 is smack dab in the middle.  If you’ve been working for only 10 years, you just hit a max range between $140,000-$180,000.  And… My guess is total contributions would be lower since generally the first 5-10 years of working… money is tight resulting in less than max contributions.  I know I probably didn’t max my initial working years.  And for awhile, I didn’t have income while in graduate school too.

Now… to throw a wrinkle into these numbers, 401Ks grow over time.  It’s been known that “beating the stock market” is not a long term viable strategy.  Hedge funds and actively managed funds do not consistently perform as well as the index funds.  Buffet won a bet using this strategy of passive investing with low maintenance fees.  Now based on this website, some growth calculation is needed via Excel.  Some numbers to think about… Mutual funds over the past 20 years have a 4.6% return. In the past 10 years, have a 4.2% return.  In the past 5 years, have a 6.9% return.  Stock index’s like S&P 500 have performed with a 10% return in the past 5 years.  For someone who started working in 2000 and contributed the max for 20 years, that person would have just a little over $510,000.  

What’s even more interesting is if the calculations assumed a 10% return based on 90-yr historical stock performance, you’d only be a sliver over $905,000.  But there’s so much more volatility with stock performance that ultimately depends on “timing the market.”  If specifically looking at S&P 500 funds (60-yr history), that return has been about 8% or $727,000 and also depends on timing the market.

In summary, for the past 20 years, an individual who has been diligently contributing to the max allowable 401K amount would result in either:

  • $510K (5% mutual fund)
  • $727K (8% average stock index fund)
  • $905K (10% historical stock market performance).

If your current 401K portfolio falls anywhere in that range (or higher), I think you’re in good shape.  The numbers I presented are what I believe baseline minimum numbers of what an individual should currently have in their 401Ks based on 2 key assumptions: a 5% mutual fund growth and max contributions since 2000.  So even if you didn’t make max contributions every year, if your portfolio value is between these numbers than consider yourself “caught up” to the minimum.  Give yourself a reward because YOUR MONEY WILL ONLY GROW from here on out