Plague, Inc

There’s this really old game called Plague, Inc.  You take control of a “plague” and need to evolve to eradicate humanity.  Very simple idea but the modeling behind the game is complex enough to warrant the CDC to invite the creators in to speak.  I would love to read or listen to the whole transcript of what was presented at this meeting.

Anyways, the game has multiple “plagues” to use.  One of them is a Neurax Worm where win conditions are either to eradicate humanity or enslave humanity.  Additionally, the game allows you to “name” the plague.  So… I had a bit of fun.


Death to Human Scum!

Trump (1)

Hi, My name is Trump.  Pleased to infect you!

Trump (2)

Trump (3)


You have nothing to fear

Trump (4)

I just go around saying things and doing things.  I’m a straight shooter. I say it how it is.


Build a wall! Build a wall!

Trump (5)


Just another parasite?

Trump (6)

I’ll show you human scum. Just you wait



Trump (7)

Dunning Kruger has got nothing on me.


That’s right~!

Trump (8)

Fake News calling me “just a parasite” was the first wrong thing. Now you get to pay for it.


The world revolves around me and me alone!

Trump (9)

And Only I can fix this problem.  Do not forget.


Mind Control

Trump (10)

I am getting what I want.  And you can’t stop me



Trump (11)

You can never get rid of me.



Trump (12)

Ah… so you think there’s hope?  No… I am all powerful.  You will submit to me.  It is only a matter of time.


The Final Reckoning

Trump (13)

Worship me!  Remember, I alone can save you.


All the World’s a Stage

Trump (14)

The world only talks about me now.  Any publicity is good publicity.



Trump (15)

I am godPeople love me.

Trump (16)



I also was defeated eradicated a few times.  Starting in USA (a 1st world nation) put me at a slight disadvantage compared to a 3rd world nation.

Trump (17)



Two Point Hospital

I’ve recently been really obsessive about a game called Two Point Hospital.  At it’s core, the game is a simulation management game where I am the hospital administrator building and expanding the hospital, hiring and firing hospital staff and setting the prices of the diagnosis and treatments.  Each new level brings a different set of challenges unique to the level itself.  It’s on Steam.  It’s on sale half off right now!  And I naturally bought it.

I first saw it on YouTube where someone was trying to mess around with the game mechanics by setting prices up high and hiring just the cheapest people to work at the hospital.  I was amused at the concept of the game as it’s very similar to the Sims.  I don’t normally play this kind of game but I was intrigued enough to put it on my wishlist on Steam.  Looking at the the genre of simulation management game, this genre has evolved so much now.  You can build amusement parks, zoos, and even subway systems. The Sims back when it first came out was pretty ground breaking in that I got to play as god over these pixelated humans and these new games just takes things a bit further.

I’ve actually played this game a bit too much and I am slightly over dosed on it.  Nonetheless it’s a pretty fun game and you’ll wonder where the time even went.

Go, the board game

Netflix has had this documentary called “The Surrounding Game” which discusses Go.  Go is perhaps one of the most complex board games to exist today.  It is an imported game from Asia most originating in China spreading to Japan and Korea.  Today there are professional leagues in Japan, China and Korea where all the top players will go to in order to train to be better.

I personally find Go the most fascinating board game of all.  The simplicity of the game is what attracted me to the game but the complexity of the game is what keeps me entranced in it.  When I got my first Android phone, the first purchase I made was for AI Factory’s Go Game App.  I had downloaded the free trial and played the game once and immediately bought it because I was thrilled that I could play this game on the phone.

A couple of comments from this documentary that I found interesting:

  • The documentary stated a wish that Go would be more popular in US.  But since Go is an intellectual game, Go and other intellectual games like chess will continue to take a backseat to games that require physical prowess.  Furthermore, until the “nerd” status is elevated from a derogatory to an adulatory term, the idea of an intellectual game that is popular will never happen.
  • A Korean pro mentioned that it’s very difficult for there to be US pros starting at an early age because kids don’t study.  In Asia, kids study for 10 hours. But in US, they can’t even study for 5. lulz
  • Apparently there are American Go pros since 2012.  It’s when this documentary was created.

Cat Quest

I was browsing on Steam one day and ran across a sale on this game called Cat Quest. It’s an isometric, Zelda-esque, hack-n-slash, RPG by a developer called The Gentlebros.  I had purchased and tried to play this game on Android but I realized for this type of game, touch was not the best interface.  I had contemplated purchasing the game for the PS4 sometime ago but opted to hold off.

With the Steam sale on Cat Quest, I bought and started playing the game.  It’s a fun 11 hours or so to level and complete everything (main quest, side quests, all equipment, all seven skills, level 99).  They have a bonus additional “meow-difiers” that add a level of difficulty to the game after the first play through.  I’m debating if I want to play through with some of these “meow-difiers.”

Overall it’s a pretty fun short game.  Well worth the discounted price.