Cat Quest

I was browsing on Steam one day and ran across a sale on this game called Cat Quest. It’s an isometric, Zelda-esque, hack-n-slash, RPG by a developer called The Gentlebros.  I had purchased and tried to play this game on Android but I realized for this type of game, touch was not the best interface.  I had contemplated purchasing the game for the PS4 sometime ago but opted to hold off.

With the Steam sale on Cat Quest, I bought and started playing the game.  It’s a fun 11 hours or so to level and complete everything (main quest, side quests, all equipment, all seven skills, level 99).  They have a bonus additional “meow-difiers” that add a level of difficulty to the game after the first play through.  I’m debating if I want to play through with some of these “meow-difiers.”

Overall it’s a pretty fun short game.  Well worth the discounted price.


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