S6 House of Cards

It’s Claire’s turn now.


And it definitely is her turn even though it took a few episodes for her to shake off the shackles of Frank.  I feel like every episode has #MeToo influences written through every episode with the same intrigue/cunning/deception of the previous 5 seasons…. if not even more.

Drink Coffee Do Stuff

November’s Angels Cup comes from a Lake Tahoe, CA roaster called Drink Coffee Do Stuff.  I feel like their website or their motto is like of Coffee x Patagonia.  They seem to be all about the outdoor activity with coffee as the fuel for these activities (which coffee obviously is, duh~).


If you aren’t tired of coffee beans from the Ethiopian Guji region, then here’s another one for you to read.  I’ve noticed that upon opening a new bag of beans from the same region, I tend to smell the same or similar aromas from other roasters.  I’m guessing this phenomenon is partially coincidental since the beans all come from one region. Slight aroma variations exist probably due to the way the roasters are roasting the coffee beans.

Opening the bag, I smell aromas of berries, nuts and chocolate.  Taking a sip of the latte, I’m astounded at the overall smoothness and “drink-ability” of the latte. That first sip envelops my tongue with this berry and nut flavor.  This flavor immediately transforms into chocolate milk.  However, there is this pleasant berry after taste that just lingers at the back of the throat.  Maybe out of habit now, but every time I make my latte, I want to want to savor every drop.


Jeremy Lin Interview

Freakonomics recently had an interview featuring the Asian American NBA point guard Jeremy Lin.  It’s a pretty fascinating interview to listen to.  While listening, Lin remarked on two different topics that struck me as pretty insightful.

  1. He’s not recognized for his athletic ability.  He gave an example of… even though he’s as fast as a fellow NBA player (tied for 1st in the combine), he was only known for being “deceptively” fast.  Being considered “deceptive” is pretty insulting.   I haven’t fact check this but the other player was a black player named John Wall who was probably younger than Lin at the time of the combine.
  2. From his experience so far, he’s learned that purpose and communication are two key lessons he’s learned.


Jobs Report Friday (byuu byu byu byuuuuuuuu)

So I listen to NPR’s Planet Money podcast pretty religiously. There is a host or maybe multiple host that gets particularly excited about a report that is issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the first Friday of the month.  The “byuuuu” are air horns by the way.

As part of my morning routine, I usually ask Google  to tell me the news.  And it’ll dutifully start reporting the news starting with NPR as I’ve programmed it to.  NPR is pretty nice since they usually have hourly updates to the news.  In one of the updates, the announcer mentioned the Bureau of Labor Statistics report. In my head, I went:  “Jobs Report Friday!!! Byuu byu byu byuuuuuu…” complete with sound effects.  #PlanetMoney4Lyfe.