Stacks Coffee Roasters

June’s Angels Cup comes from Stacks Coffee Roasters. The beans are from Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region. When I received the package about a week ago, I could smell the distinctive coffee aroma through the delivery bag!! When I opened the delivery bag, I wasn’t too surprised that the beans were from Ethiopia. The coffee beans from Ethiopia have this distinctive honey, floral, nutty aroma.

Making my latte, I’m reminded as to why single origin Ethiopian beans are consistently rated as one of the best regions. The sweet honey flavors in the latte that leads to this floral mid-taste was amazing. The latte did have a surprising butter nutty aftertaste that I did not expect. Normally, I expected a smoother nutty after taste but it’s not bad.

Hello World~!

Welcome, welcome!

A new website is in the works.  I’m abandoning everything from the old web hosting service in favor of a WordPress powered website that does both the front-end and back-end details.

Honestly, I kept getting bogged down by all the things I had to do with the upkeep at the old web hosting service that I just stopped posting completely.  Wordpress is great because I’m already used to their main dashboard design although at first glance there are some differences between the old web hosting service’s WordPress interface and WordPress’ interface.

I hope with this new change, I’ll start posting more awesomeness!  For the time being, the picture WordPress provided for the “First Post” is pretty cool so I guess I’ll keep it for now.