Brio Coffee Works

January’s Angels Cup comes from Brio Coffee Works. The beans are from Ethiopia’s Sidama region. From the previous experience of these Sidama based beans, the latte should be solidly delicious.

Opening the bag, I’m greeted this earthy, jasmine tea aroma. I think the smell of roasted coffee is the most addictive smell in the world that immediately calms the mind. Making my latte, the first sip was amazing. I taste berries and peach flavors first. As that sip lingers on the tongue, it morphs into this pleasant chocolate flavor. There’s something else I’m tasting that I can’t quite put my taste buds on. Perhaps the black tea that’s listed on the bag? Hmm…

Angels Cup Geisha Black Box

In late 2020, I was fortunate to able to pre-order the Angels Cup 2020 Holiday Black Box. The black box normally is a blind tasting box. However, the holiday version contains the geisha (gesha) beans roasted by different roasters. The box comes in four small bags with just enough for me to make 3 cups of latte per bag.

Bag A – This bag was had subtle florals mingling with strong earthy and berry aromas. Making the latte, I taste subtle citrus flavor with the first stip. A floral aftertaste lingers after each sip.

Bag B – Similar to Bag A but the floral and fruity aromas were much stronger. Making the latte, I get a strong nutty and chocolate taste. There’s also a slight yogurt like, fermentation flavor and aroma immediately with each sip. This flavor quickly dissipates though.

Bag C – This bag had more of a floral aroma. With the first sip of my latte, I taste sweet floral flavor. The sweetness lingers on my tongue with each sip. There is also a slight nutty after taste.

Bag D – Bag D had much more fruity aromas. My latte was an explosion of fruit flavors. The fruitiness gave way to this nice floral after taste. I wish I had more opportunities to drink from bag D.

Blueprint Coffee

December’s Trade coffee comes from Blueprint Coffee. The beans are from El Salvador and looks like a blend of different farms. From the website description, it looks like it’s predominantly beans from a farm in El Salvador mixed with a single lot from Brazil. I am a little disappointed that that the beans weren’t all single origin from El Salvador.

Opening the bag, a fruity sweet aroma greets me immediately. It’s a wonderfully light aroma that makes me excited to try these beans. Making my latte, the intense smell of the espresso syrup was addictive. With the first sip of the latte, I tasted an amazing burst of sugar, chocolate and berries. The chocolate flavor stood out the most and lingered at the back of the tongue after each sip. The latte was absolutely smooth and a delight to drink.

Luminous Coffee

December’s Angels Cup comes from Luminous Coffee. The beans are from the Tarrazu region in Costa Rica. Reading about this region, the beans from this area sound like they’re the best of Costa Rica. I received two bags of see through plastic containing the beans. The design is pretty interesting and definitely “luminous.”

The aroma from the beans are amazing. When I open the bag, I am greeted by this fruity and yogurt aroma. Making my latte, an intense aroma of berries and fruits lingers in the air after I press the espresso slurry out of the AeroPress. With the first sip, I tasted berries and a rich chocolate milk flavor. A nutty after taste emerges after a few more sips that changes the flavor to a rich earthy chocolaty almost fermented flavor. I find that I can’t use too much hot water or it ends up diluting the flavor a bit.

Red Bay Coffee Roasters

November’s Trade Coffee (yes I’m late in posting) comes from Red Bay Coffee Roasters. The beans are from Mbeya, Tanzania. I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to taste any beans from Tanzania. So this bag will be a new experience. I also haven’t had too many medium-dark roast beans as well too. I also found out that the Angels Cup subscription sends me light roast coffee. I’ve updated that to medium roast and perhaps in a few months change to dark roast.

The initial aroma opening this bag was amazing. Fruity, nutty, and a strong roasted aroma filled the room. I literally kept smelling the beans for a full minute. The aroma from the ground beans had more of a fruity and nutty aroma. Making my latte, the first sip was delicious. I was shocked at the berry, chocolate and roasted nut(?) flavors. The lingering roasted nutty aftertaste tied all the flavors together at the back of the tongue. Each sip added to the berry flavors making this latte very enjoyable for the morning. I haven’t enjoyed a latte that wow’d me in quite some time.

3rd Kickstarter from Julian Kimmel

A third Kickstarter from Julian Kimmel popped up on my feed last night. I’ve been impressed with their Puerto Rico and Columbian beans that were also from Kickstarter. I already made my pledge for 3 bags of beans. The Kickstarter campaign ends around the 27NOV2020. So if you’re interested in supporting local farmers, consider pledging on this Kickstarter.

Queen City Coffee Roaster

November’s Angels Cup comes from Queen City Coffee Roaster. I’m happy they sent a small sticker but it’s difficult to peel it off the backing! These beans are from Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region.

Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a wonderful floral and fruity aroma. What stands out to me is the intensity of the fruity berry smells. Making my latte, I’m greeted with a pleasant nutty and berry taste. The after taste also coats my mouth with this milk chocolate taste. The consistency of the latte and the beans really showcases just how good Yirgacheffe Ethiopian beans are.

Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Company

November’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Caffe Vita Roasting Company. Everything about these beans are different from the normal single origin, light to medium roast beans that I’ve been receiving from other roasters. This bag is clearly a blend so the origins of the beans are unknown. However, since this is a French roast, I think the origin of the beans are not as important as the roasting promise.

Upon opening the bag I get strong charcoal, ashy aroma reminiscent of beans that have gone through dark roasting. Making my latte, the first sip definitely reminds me of a dark roast with a charcoal, ashy flavor. After the initial flavor hit, I start tasting hints of berries and citrus which is overpowered by a milk chocolate after taste. Although the milk chocolate is pleasant, it really becomes the dominant flavor with every sip. I actually enjoy these beans. It’s a different aroma and flavor then previous lattes that I’ve made.

Jumpy Monkey Coffee

October’s Angels Cup comes from JumpyMonkey Coffee. They’re from Papua New Guinea which I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of tasting before. Specifically the beans from this Ulya Waghi Valley region which from the looks of the Google Map is situated pretty much in the middle of the country.

Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a very smoky, ashy aroma. The aroma reminds me of a dark roasted Kona or Maui coffee smell some time ago. While the beans are being scooped out to be grounded, I start getting whiffs of fruity aromas.

After making my latte, on that first sip, I taste this deep smoky, roasted, and brown sugar flavor that very much reminds me of the recent Julian Coffee Puerto Rico beans or the Taiwan Dongshan beans. The deep smokiness also is reminiscent of Kona but there’s less acidity. The initial smoky flavor fades into this wonderful chocolate after taste that coats the tongue. What’s interesting is that this coating doesn’t last too long and each sip almost always starts with the smoky flavor that fades into chocolate. Sometimes I get hints of citrus when I immediately go for a 2nd or 3rd drink quickly. But for the most part, I’ve been taking my time to really enjoy this coffee.

Ritual Coffee Roaster

October’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Ritual Coffee Roaster. These beans come from Colombia. Colombian beans have been fairly rare so not only am I excited to try the beans but I am actually pretty excited to try this roaster again. For some context, before I started down the path of monthly and then semimonthly coffee deliveries from various roasters, I was gifted a short term subscription to Ritual Coffee as a birthday gift years ago. I’m not sure if the current version of this blog will contain my reviews from the subscription period. But I may have bought and reviewed beans from Ritual whenever I went up to the SF Bay Area.

I smell hints of berries and citruses with subtle hints of toffee. The subtleness of these aromas makes me want to just smell the beans forever. Making my latte, I taste berries, fruits and a subtle milk chocolate after taste. What I find interesting is that with each subsequent sip the flavors are changing to a more fruity/peach flavor. In addition the milk chocolate after taste also begins to take on this more nutty flavor that just sits at the back of the throat. I’m always disappointed that I finish my latte so fast. It just goes to say how delicious these beans are.