Gimme! Coffee Roasters

July’s Angels Cup comes from Gimme! Coffee.  The simple design of a red circle with a white exclamation mark is ingenious.  The coffee beans comes from Columbia.  From the description of the coffee, the beans come from a high quality region managed by one man which can only be a good thing right?


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with aromas of peach, sugar and a lingering nutty aroma.  Grinding the beans opens up the nutty aroma even more.  After making my latte, the first sip had hints of burnt caramelized sugar, fruity flavors and a very subtle milk chocolate after taste.  Each subsequent sip though, the burnt caramelized sugar flavor became the dominant flavor overpowering everything else.  To me it felt like I was drinking a brown sugar milk drink with hints of coffee and nuts.

Panther Coffee

July’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Panther Coffee.  Nicaragua is another country in the coffee belt that I’ haven’t had many opportunities to taste coffee beans from.  These beansare from the Las Cuchillas Jinotega region.


The beans arrived at the same time as the 2nd Angels Cup beans. Opening the bag, the beans had a subtle fruity aroma.  Occasionally with each sniff, I would get hints of a honey and nut aromas.  Making my latte, a subdued fruit flavor peachy flavor emerges reminding me that it is peach season.  There is a pleasant milk chocolate aftertaste that lingers at the back of the tongue.  After a few sips, the milk chocolate flavor becomes much more dominant after each sip with the fruity flavor becomes the aftertaste.

Little Amps Coffee Roaster

I had accidentally updated the frequency of Angels cup delivery to twice a month.  It should be set back to once a month now since I have two coffee subscriptions now.  So June’s 2nd Angel’s cup comes from Little Amps Coffee Roasters.  These beans are from Columbia’s Finca La Argentina in Tolima.  Based on Google maps, this is a pretty high elevated region in the world.


The aroma smells wonderful.  I get hints of floral, fruity and berry aromas.  On a second whiff, I also get this subtle earthy aroma.  Making my latte and on the first sip, the berry and fruity flavors stand out amazingly well.  I also get this strong earthy, nutty after taste that lingers and coats the back of my tongue.  This coating left an unexpected slight bitterness after each sip.  I say unexpected since many of the beans that had a floral and fruity aroma rarely had any bitterness as well.  So it was surprising to taste the flavor profile evolving after a few sips.


Julian Coffee

Some time ago, there was a Kickstarter campaign where supporting the campaign was rewarded with a bag of roasted coffee.  Julian Coffee, the creator’s of the campaign, is trying to “Make Puerto Rican Coffee Great Again” to use a bad moniker.  From the story, they already had production and operations in Puerto Rico and wanted to provide a living wage to the workers as well as to enter the US market through the campaign.  So why not?


I don’t think I’ve had beans from Puerto Rico.   The aroma has an earthy, ashy, and peanut butter smell that reminds me of Kona coffee beans roasted in Hawaii.  Making my latte, the first sip had a strong ashy, roated flavor that it really did remind me of the lattes from Kona coffee beans.  After that first sip, each subsequent sip had a pleasant nutty flavor.  I think there might have been hints of chocolate too.  To be honest, I actually enjoyed this coffee as it tasted different from the last beans.  I think it’s because of the lack of berry and fruity flavors.  I’m definitely going to buy another bag when I can if anything to at least continue supporting their cause to provide a living wage to the workers.

Temple Coffee Roasters

June’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Temple Coffee Roasters.  I haven’t had that many beans from Peru and they smell amazing.  The beans are from a region called Cajamarca.


Making my latte, the initial sip had nutty, citrus, and floral flavors.  Taking the second sip, I start getting hints of sweet chocolate and peanuts/hazelnuts.  Every sip afterwards was enjoyable with various hints of sweet, honey, and fruity flavors.  I definitely enjoyed the latte and made myself another cup later that day.

Manzanita Roasting Company

June’s Angels Cup are Burundi beans from Manzanita Roasting Company.  One benefit of these monthly coffee bags is that I’m starting to learn some of the locations of these countries in Africa.  Although it is a small region of Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. Most of the beans that have arrived originate from Ethiopia.


The beans release a faint floral and fruity aroma upon opening the bag.  Making my latte, I taste this subtle cocoa flavor that changes to this wonder earthy nutty flavor at the back of my tongue.  What’s interesting is with each sip, that cocoa flavor becomes more intense.  The flavor is similar to that lingering taste after eating chocolate and peanut butter (like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup).

Sunergos Coffee

May’s Angels Cup comes from Sunergos Coffee.  I’ve been sent their roasted beans before and they’ve been pretty good.  This time around these beans are from Brazil whereas previous beans had been from Africa.


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with this overwhelming nutty aroma that dissipates into this wonderful floral smell.  Grinding the beans releases a more earthy smell that overpowers this faint sweet caramel/chocolate smell.  Sipping my latte, I taste this amazing nutty and caramel flavor with bits of honey and brown sugar.  I think this will be another one of those enjoyable coffees for the next few weeks.

Equator Coffee

So a few days ago, I posted about trying a different coffee subscription service Trade Coffee.  I placed an order and I received this (pic below) in the mail from Equator Coffees yesterday.


Opening the bag, I smell of nutty aromas, sweet honey and hints of licorice/star anise.  Sometimes I also smelled traces of cinnamon maybe.  Grinding the beans brings out the aromas of the sweet honey and star anise.  However I think I enjoyed more the whole bean version.

After making my latte, that first sip was amazing.  Sugar and licorice flavors inter-mingled with milk chocolate.  After the first sip coated the tongue, the second sip accented the star anise flavor a bit more.  Although I didn’t drink it all in one long gulp,  I thoroughly enjoyed that first cup so much that I immediately made a 2nd latte.  And also finished that quickly too.  I know I’m going to enjoy this coffee while it lasts.

New Coffee Subscription

During this COVID-19 shelter in place, I’ve noticed that the coffee beans from my AngelsCup subscription tend to be finished within 2 weeks after I open them.  Since it’s a currently a monthly subscription, do you see how this can be a “brewing” problem?  Ba-dum-tshh.  Anyways, I’ve upped the frequency now to twice a month.  I also have a referral code “CoffeeHunter12050” if you also want to partake in AngelsCup.  Apparently you can get 25% on their first delivery.

However, it’s also been 3 years since I last researched about coffee subscription services.  Thanks to Google and Facebook algorithms, I was introduced to another subscription service called Trade Coffee.  And I signed up on a monthly basis. So we’ll see how this subscription works out.