Fortnum & Mason Coffee

This is not from Angel’s Cup subscription.  I was gifted this bag as a souvenir.


I’m not sure if Fortnum & Mason is considered a coffee roaster.  They sell a lot of what seems to be luxury food items and goods.  Regardless if they aren’t a true coffee roasting company, this bag of coffee was apparently grown in India.  India?  Ya it’s not one a popular country where you’d think coffee bean comes from but but it is within the “region” where coffee grows.

Anyways, the aroma wasn’t very spectacular as some of the previous bags I’ve tasted.  It had a subtle earth, nutmeg and chocolate aroma.   Grinding the beans however brought out a nutty aroma mixed with hints of berry.

After I made my latte, the first sip was amazing.  I almost immediately drank the rest of the latte and finished it with an intense feeling of wanting another cup.  The latte went down smoothly like I’m drinking water.  There is this subtle aftertaste of smooth dark chocolate that coats my mouth.  I think it’s this aftertaste that triggering feelings of wanting a 2nd cup.  Every time I’ve made this in the morning, I always get the same feeling of needing a 2nd cup.  These beans are deceptively delicious.


Thread Coffee

This month’s Angel Cup Coffee Bean delivery comes from Thread Coffee.


By now, I’ve come to the conclusion that whole beans smell amazing regardless of where they are from.  These beans have the usual smell of nuts, cherry or berry, and chocolate. Strangely enough, I also smell something similar to that smell in a glass after drinking a bottle of coco cola that was poured into a cup.

After grinding, the smelling notes of nuts, cherry and chocolate were subdued.  There wasn’t anything particular striking from the ground coffee honestly.  The latte was buttery and smooth.  The latte also had a very subdued flavor chocolate and nut flavor.  Very subtle.  There was also very little after taste with each sip.

I think I’m going to enjoy drinking this month’s coffee.

Brandywine Coffee Roasters

July’s Angel Cup coffee beans come from Brandywine Coffee Roasters.  These beans specifically come from Columbia’s Santa Barbara Estate located in Fredonia, Antioquia according to the website.


The aroma from the bag is all about nuts.  This is probably the nuttiest aroma so far. Surprisingly, a quick grind and brew of the latte maintains that strong nutty aroma.  When I sip the latte, I’m find myself surprised by the strong earth tones with each sip.  The hint of nuts even overpowers the normal “milk” taste making this a super smooth latte.

Madcap Coffee Company

Last month’s Angel’s Cup beans comes from Madcap Coffee Company.  The fruity/nutty aroma greets me when I open the bag.  On a second deep sniff, the earthy aromas start to percolate the senses at the expense of the fruits.


The grinding accentuated the nutty aroma even more!  What does it taste like?  The nutty flavor is pretty dominant though which is surprising since there was no lingering aftertaste that many of the roasters seem to have.

Maui Mokka Coffee

So these Peaberry coffee beans are not part of the Angel’s Cup subscription that I subscribe to.  They were a gift from someone who went to Hawaii recently.  I’ve been grinding these beans for quite some time now (2 weeks) and I’m almost finished with the bag.


A wonderful cherry/berry aroma wafts in the air when I first opened the bag followed by an intense earthy and caramel/chocolate chaser.  After grinding, the coffee grounds take on a more intense nutty and chocolate aroma.  I don’t smell the fruits or caramel anymore.

After making the latte, these beans are extremely smooth to drink.  The latte leaves this pleasant after taste that lingers at the back of my tongue.  It was so delicious that one time I made the 2nd one immediately after finishing the 1st one.

Variety Coffee Roasters

I’ve been drinking the beans from Variety Coffee Roasters for about a week now.  It is unexpectedly packaged in this bright red box that I wouldn’t have thought it would contain coffee despite the labeling.


Initially opening the bag rewarded me with a whiff of fresh roasted coffee beans as a sweet addictive smell.  Maybe I’m just addictive to the smell of coffee?

Making the latte, I was initially disappointed with the first sip.  It doesn’t have as much nuttiness like Peixoto and is fairly mild yet smooth.  But I’m very impressed at the aftertaste.  After each sip, there is a vanilla aftertaste that grows that makes me want to drink more.  And then my cup is empty.

Familia Peixoto

Angel’s Cup delivered a new bag about two weeks ago.  This one is from Familia Peixoto.  From the website, they’re a multi-generational family owned coffee farmer in Brazil.


The first thing that I smelled a strong nutty aroma followed by dark chocolate and then an earthy aroma.  The bag says it tastes like berries and at times I get this wisp of blueberries/cherries as well.

Making my morning latte this morning, the aroma of nuts in the ground coffee is overpowering.  It hits me first followed by the subtle coffee aroma then the cherries.  After adding milk and taking a sip,  the nutty flavor is still there but the cherry undertones has melded with the creaminess of the milk.  The chocolate flavor lingers in the aftertaste.