Barrington Coffee Roasting Co

September’s Angels Cup comes from the Barrington Coffee Roasting Company.  I received beans from Kenya this month which is a nice change.  Angels Cup has been sending quite a few coffee beans from Ethiopia these past few months.  Kenya is located south of Ethiopia and is also well known for their coffee growing regions.

The beans come from Nyeri which is in the Central region of Kenya.  Opening the bag, I get whiffs of flower and berries.  There is a weak earthy aroma mingling between the flowers and berries.


Making my latte, I’m amazed at the smoothness of the latte.  There was no acidity, bitterness or sourness. The floral and berry aroma are muted in each sip.  I sometimes think I’m tasting milk chocolate as well.  There’s no toffee/nuttiness either.  There’s a different aftertaste that lingers at the back of the tongue from some of the other companies.  However, it’s hard to describe.

Sunergos Coffee

This month’s Angel’s Cup comes from Sunergos Coffee.  The roasted beans comes from Ethiopia’s Guji region.  They also included a sticker as well too! The my airtight container that I store these open bags is being covered in these stickers now.


I get a strong aroma of dried peaches, berries and faint honey upon opening the bag.  I feel like many of the beans originating from Ethiopia tend to smell the same.  Is that coincidental?  I’m not sure.  After grinding, the ground beans brings out an earthy nutty aroma.

Making my latte, the first sip was delicious.  I get hints of berries, peaches and definitely honey flavors.  It leaves a really wonderful aftertaste that lingers right at the back of the tongue.  As I continue to drink it, each sip morphs into chocolate and nutty flavor that frankly makes me want more.  I think I’m going to really enjoy this coffee this month.


Coma Coffee Roasters

July’s Angels Cup comes from Coma Coffee Roasters.  The beans are from Ethopia’s Limu region, a region that I haven’t tasted beans from.  It’s northeast  of the Yirgacheffe region.  This map shows the regions of Ethiopia which puts the different locations into perspective.


The beans have a very subtle aroma of different berries, peach and a hint of spice… maybe cinnamon or cardamon.  What’s interesting to me about these beans is that I don’t really smell that earthy nuttiness each time I open the bag.  In quite a few past beans, I generally smell the nutty, toffee aroma upon opening the bag.  After grinding the beans, the subtle berry aroma still persists but the hints of spice disappear.  After using the Aeropress, the liquid espresso has a strong chocolate aroma prior to adding milk.

My first reaction on the first sip was that the latte does not have that nutty, toffee flavor.  It was mind blowing after having so many lattes that have that nutty, toffee flavor.  Yet the lack of this flavor brings out a different profile that I’m not used to.  The berries and the peach flavor are still there. Each sip is smooth and also envelops the mouth with a subtle chocolate feel.  Together with the berry flavor, the chocolate milk lingers at the back of the mouth with such a pleasant aftertaste.

Flat Track Coffee

Angel’s Cup delivered these Ethiopian Guji Region beans from Flat Track Coffee in early June.  I’ve had it for awhile.  Yes… it’s now late June and I’m only writing my thoughts after many a caffeinated days.  They also sent a sticker!


It never ceases to amaze how amazing roasted beans smell.  I’ve been getting these deliveries for some time and I’m constantly addicted to how wonderful the smell is.  I can’t imagine how much more pleasing smelling fresh roasted beans would be.  Now, admittedly these beans were opened a bit after they were roasted.  The aroma was fairly subdued predominantly with berries and nuts.  Upon grinding, the aroma blossomed into hints of cherry, toffee and cocoa.

Brewing my latte, I’m greeted with blueberry and peanuts flavors along with this strong earthy after taste that lingers at the back of my mouth.  The flavors are much more subdued with these beans.  Maybe I’m too used to drinking Ethiopian Guji region beans?  Is that even such a thing?


Enderly Coffee Co

May’s Angels Cup comes from Enderly Coffee Co.  I got this in mid May but I’ve been a bit lazy posting my thoughts.  If this roaster looks familiar, then that’s because Angels Cup previously sent me beans from this coffee roaster some time ago too.  However unlike last time’s beans, these beans are from Rwanda.  When I open the bag, I get hints of licorice, nuts and cherry.  I also get this faint flowery hint too.


The smell of the beans after grinding is intoxicating.  The subtle nut flavor blooms.  Drinking my latte, that nutty flavor explodes on the first sip followed by a smooth velvety licorice and hints of chocolate and finally ending with this sweet aftertaste.  The flavor subtleties of these beans is pretty broad.  I think every time I’ve made my latte, the flavors change just a little bit.  I’ve had a mix of fruity flavors and floral flavors at different times that I’ve made my latte.

Coffee Bean Kickstarter Campaign

I stumbled upon a pretty interesting coffee related link on while reading about food related items on Eater LA.  Following the link, it led me to this Kickstarter campaign to buy coffee beans.

Honestly, I think the idea is pretty interesting and worth supporting.  At the very minimum, you’re getting a bag of 12 oz beans for $15 when you pledge $30 or more.  Even though I already have a coffee bean subscription via Angel’s Cup (Referral Code: CoffeeHunter12050), my motivation for subscribing to Angel’s Cup is to taste how different roasters roast coffee beans from all parts of the world.  This Kickstarter campaign is no different.  I am definitely excited to taste their first batch.