Equator Coffees

With all the Kona/Hawaii coffee over the past few months, I temporarily postponed both of my coffee subscriptions. In the near future, I’ll be getting more Kona/Hawaii coffee soon so I may have to postpone the subscriptions one or two more months. However, I run into a dilemma where I’ve ran out of the beans from my trip to Hawaii but I know I will be getting more Kona/Hawaii beans later this month. What do I do!?

Well I obviously go to roaster to buy a bag to tide me over right? Equator Coffees recently opened up a brick and mortar shop near by. I’ve actually heard of them because the coffee subscription have sent me a few of their bags in the past. They were always top notch delicious. So buying a bag is obviously the right thing to do to tide me over until the next wave of Hawaiian/Kona beans drops.

These beans are a light roast from southern Rwanda. They’re a single origin coming from an all woman’s cooperative (per the website). Making my latte, I taste this super delicious and creamy chocolate flavor with hints of florals at the back of the tongue. The more I drink this, I get a more earthy flavor that replaces the florals. This is really delicious that somedays I’ll make a second latte shortly after finishing.

Maui Coffee Roasters

The final bag bought is also from Maui Coffee Roaster. However these bags contain normal coffee beans unlike the peaberry from the previous post.

Making my latte, it was no surprise that these tasted similar to the peaberries earlier since these beans also came from the same farm. I found that the latte had a slightly more fruity, more chocaltey flavors but also less sweetness compared to the peaberry. I find myself actually enjoying the peaberry more… I think probably because it has a sweeter more lighter taste than these normal beans.

Maui Coffee Roasters

Yes I’m still working through the various coffee beans I bought from Maui. These beans are from Maui Coffee Roasters and in particular, this bag is special. They are roasted peaberry from Maui.

Making my latte, I’m greeted with an ashy, minerally flavor that lingers in the mouth with each sip. It reminds me of the dark espresso roasts from Starbucks that cook coffee beans almost to a point of bitterness and burnt chocolate flavor. I don’t get many fruity or floral flavors.

Wailuku Coffee Co

Another one of the coffee spoils from Hawaii. This one comes from Wailuku Coffee Co. It’s main store is this small cafe that opens up onto the pedestrian walkway where customers can relax and enjoy the breeze. It’s unfortunate that there were construction at the time which really detracted from the ambience.

Interestingly enough, during the flight back from Hawaii, I think the depressurization of the luggage compartment removed most if not all the air from the 5 coffee bags I brought back (yes I bought 5 bags of coffee, and this is the 3rd to be reviewed!!) Opening the bag up, I smell floral and earthy aromas. The beans are from a variety called Red Catuai. I’ve probably have had them in the past but roasters rarely call out the sub species/varietals of coffee.

Making my latte, I am greeted with a sweet, nutty, and chocolatey flavor. Each sip goes down very smooth with a after tatste similar to that of Kona. This after taste has a very mineralistic, volcanic nature to it perhaps unique to the Hawaiian islands.

Tastes of Aloha / Volcano Coffee Company

Clearly one bag of Kona beans is not enough. I give you a 2nd bag of Kona. This time it’s from Volcano Coffee Company. Apparently this “coffee company” is part of a distribution company called “Tastes of Aloha” that provides gift boxes with products from local companies. Regardless, it’s advertised as Kona coffee so it’s worth trying and comparing against the Lion Coffee posted earlier.

Opening the bag, the smells and aromas are very similar to that of the Lion Coffee Kona. I smell this burnt chocolatey aroma that just overpowers everything else. Making my latte, I find the latte to be much smoother aftertaste relative to the Lion. I get much more of a chocolatey, nutty flavor followed by a smooth milk chocolate after taste. Although both are enjoyable, I find myself truly enjoying more of the lattes made with these beans.

Hawaii Coffee Company / Lion Coffee

I recently came back from a trip to Hawaii. A trip to Hawaii is NEVER complete without at least a bag of Kona coffee. I had to go into a supermarket to look for 100% Kona but in Hawaii, Kona is super abundant so I had a bunch to choose from. I ended up selecting this brightly colored bag of Kona beans from Lion Coffee. I will admit that I chose this bag only because of the LION mascot.

I don’t know what a 24K Gold Roast is… The label says it’s a medium roast but sometimes I feel like Hawaii medium roasts are more “dark roast” than the usual mediums from other roasters. I find that Kona coffees I’ve always tasted tend to be dark roasts. Opening the bag, it brings me back to the first time I had Kona coffee 5+ years ago. The burnt chocolate nutty aroma just permeates the kitchen.

Making my latte, I’m reminded as to why Kona coffee is delicious. It’s sweet, chocolatey, earthy, nutty, and yet has a strong dark chocolate aftertaste with every sip. It’s consistently smooth but also give me huge flavors. Kona coffee has to be one of the best things about Hawaii.

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co

February’s Trade Coffee selection is this wonderful single origin Anodyne Coffee Roasting selection from Colombia. The bag smells amazing even after a month. I smell hints of fruit and this nutty aroma. Making my latte, I initially taste fruity and sweet flavors that melts into to a chocolate milk after taste. That chocolate after taste is very enjoyable.

Evans Brothers Coffee Roaster

January’s Angels Cup comes from Evans Brothers Coffee Roaster. It’s a “signature blend” with beans from Columbia and Brazil that’s a medium roast. Opening the bag, I’m greeted berry and nutty aromas. However, after making my latte, the sweet berry flavor dominates each sip. With each sip, the aftertaste though has a pleasant chocolate flavor that really makes this latte delicious. I wonder what ratio of high quality beans were mixed to make the sweet fruity flavor profile.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

January’s Trade Coffee comes from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. Looking at the label, it’s a single origin light roast from Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region. Smells wonderful even after a month. Making my latte, I’m blown away at how sweet and fruity it is. I taste this wonderful mix of honey and apple-like flavors that morphs into milk chocolate. The latte’s are so delicious that I’ve made probably two lattes every day since opening the bag.