Two Point Hospital

I’ve recently been really obsessive about a game called Two Point Hospital.  At it’s core, the game is a simulation management game where I am the hospital administrator building and expanding the hospital, hiring and firing hospital staff and setting the prices of the diagnosis and treatments.  Each new level brings a different set of challenges unique to the level itself.  It’s on Steam.  It’s on sale half off right now!  And I naturally bought it.

I first saw it on YouTube where someone was trying to mess around with the game mechanics by setting prices up high and hiring just the cheapest people to work at the hospital.  I was amused at the concept of the game as it’s very similar to the Sims.  I don’t normally play this kind of game but I was intrigued enough to put it on my wishlist on Steam.  Looking at the the genre of simulation management game, this genre has evolved so much now.  You can build amusement parks, zoos, and even subway systems. The Sims back when it first came out was pretty ground breaking in that I got to play as god over these pixelated humans and these new games just takes things a bit further.

I’ve actually played this game a bit too much and I am slightly over dosed on it.  Nonetheless it’s a pretty fun game and you’ll wonder where the time even went.

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