Plague, Inc

There’s this really old game called Plague, Inc.  You take control of a “plague” and need to evolve to eradicate humanity.  Very simple idea but the modeling behind the game is complex enough to warrant the CDC to invite the creators in to speak.  I would love to read or listen to the whole transcript of what was presented at this meeting.

Anyways, the game has multiple “plagues” to use.  One of them is a Neurax Worm where win conditions are either to eradicate humanity or enslave humanity.  Additionally, the game allows you to “name” the plague.  So… I had a bit of fun.


Death to Human Scum!

Trump (1)

Hi, My name is Trump.  Pleased to infect you!

Trump (2)

Trump (3)


You have nothing to fear

Trump (4)

I just go around saying things and doing things.  I’m a straight shooter. I say it how it is.


Build a wall! Build a wall!

Trump (5)


Just another parasite?

Trump (6)

I’ll show you human scum. Just you wait



Trump (7)

Dunning Kruger has got nothing on me.


That’s right~!

Trump (8)

Fake News calling me “just a parasite” was the first wrong thing. Now you get to pay for it.


The world revolves around me and me alone!

Trump (9)

And Only I can fix this problem.  Do not forget.


Mind Control

Trump (10)

I am getting what I want.  And you can’t stop me



Trump (11)

You can never get rid of me.



Trump (12)

Ah… so you think there’s hope?  No… I am all powerful.  You will submit to me.  It is only a matter of time.


The Final Reckoning

Trump (13)

Worship me!  Remember, I alone can save you.


All the World’s a Stage

Trump (14)

The world only talks about me now.  Any publicity is good publicity.



Trump (15)

I am godPeople love me.

Trump (16)



I also was defeated eradicated a few times.  Starting in USA (a 1st world nation) put me at a slight disadvantage compared to a 3rd world nation.

Trump (17)



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