Chicken Salad Sandwich @The Oinkster

The Oinkster is one of those hole in the wall restaurants located in a fairly middle class neighborhood called Eagle Rock. Thanks to Food Network’s Dine-In, Drives and Dives… I had lunch here after watching Fieri’s clip and immediately loved the food. I’ve eaten through their menu multiple times and will recommend people to try the Oinkster pastrami, the Reuben, the Cluckster and the Chicken Salad Sandwich (my favorite). To go with the sandwiches, I also recommend their french fries (either normal or piggy style) with extra order of their garlic aoili sauce. This aoili sauce is amazing and complements any of their sandwiches. I’ve also been told that their Veggie burger is extremely good as well too. I had a bite of it once and their special mix of veggies to make it juicy and textured is amazing.

But I’m here to post about my favorite sandwich: Chicken Salad Sandwich. At the start of the pandemic, Oinkster actually took this sandwich off their menu. I’ve ordered from Oinkster maybe four times over the past 16 months and was always disappointed to not see this sandwich. But… I recently saw on Oinkster’s Instgram that they were bringing back the Chicken Salad Sandwich. I went. I ate. And I loved every bite.

On an unrelated note, I always try to order directly from the link provided by the website. If I can, I will always try to skip the delivery apps like DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, etc… AND also do pickup in person. These delivery apps tend to take a much higher percentage from the restaurant and with the pandemic hurting restaurant sales, every little bit of savings will help.

OK… back to the sandwich….

There’s something magical about the combination of generous chunks of chicken, creamy mayo, raw onions and sweet crunchy pickles. Everything just works well together. The crunchy pickles and raw onions giving way to the soft creamy mayo chicken feels very satisfying when I take a bite. The pre-pandemic version actually served the sandwich on a focacia bread which got a little soggy as it soaked up some residual mayo creaminess and tomato liquid. But this current version is served on toasted sourdough doesn’t have that problem at all. However, I was a bit apprehensive that it would be too dry. Looking at the sandwich though, there toasted sourdough resistant to the mayo and liquids that I could hear and feel an audible crunch with the first few bits. The toasted sourdough helped enhance the crunchiness of the onion and pickle combination!

This was so delicious that I sat outside in their patio area just enjoying the sandwich. I’m going to have to go back multiple times as this is just a one month only special. =[


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