Sticker Shock @Eataly

There’s currently a deal at my local Eataly for 50% off select American Wagyu cuts (screen shot below). Not being one to pass up the chance on American Wagyu cuts, I ventured out to buy some meat to cook for tomorrow’s dinner. This deal is usually really good as it drops the price to effectively very high quality USDA Prime prices at local grocery stores like Bristol Farms or Gelsons.

I ended buying two of the Bone-In Strips. I didn’t want a tomohawk and they had nothing smaller or boneless.

When I went to the register, they rang up at full price. I literally had sticker shock and went what the fuck. In my head, I was expecting roughly $60 for each steak. Luckily, before I started to complain, the system updated the price with the promotion. For one short moment, I seriously considered complaining to the cashier about what kind of shady bait and switch was going on.

Tomorrow, I will be eating well.


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