Portola Coffee Roasters

One of the other roasters that led me down the path of coffee enlightenment was Portola Coffee Roasters. At the time, I was mainly a Starbucks drinker. To me, I thought the lattes from Starbucks were decently good… at least better than Peet’s and Coffee Bean. However, a good friend of mine introduced me to Portola Coffee on a trip down to Orance County. They roast their own coffee in addition to the normal cafe serving espresso drinks. I ordered a latte and the first sip was such an eye-opening experience. The flavors, the aftertaste and even just the aroma from the beans gave me such a “wow” feeling. Soon after, I began to experiement making my own latte’s in the morning and fell into the caffeinated spiral of no return.

Anyways, this past weekend… I was running out of MOMOS Coffee and opted to buy a bag from Portola while I was down in the OC area for a networking event. These beans do not disappoint. If you’re ever in the OC area, drop by the cafes and enjoy their espresso drinks.


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