Two Point Hospital

I’ve recently been really obsessive about a game called Two Point Hospital.  At it’s core, the game is a simulation management game where I am the hospital administrator building and expanding the hospital, hiring and firing hospital staff and setting the prices of the diagnosis and treatments.  Each new level brings a different set of challenges unique to the level itself.  It’s on Steam.  It’s on sale half off right now!  And I naturally bought it.

I first saw it on YouTube where someone was trying to mess around with the game mechanics by setting prices up high and hiring just the cheapest people to work at the hospital.  I was amused at the concept of the game as it’s very similar to the Sims.  I don’t normally play this kind of game but I was intrigued enough to put it on my wishlist on Steam.  Looking at the the genre of simulation management game, this genre has evolved so much now.  You can build amusement parks, zoos, and even subway systems. The Sims back when it first came out was pretty ground breaking in that I got to play as god over these pixelated humans and these new games just takes things a bit further.

I’ve actually played this game a bit too much and I am slightly over dosed on it.  Nonetheless it’s a pretty fun game and you’ll wonder where the time even went.

3-19 Coffee

I’m only a month behind now with Angels Cup.  Last month’s offering comes from 319 Coffee and it’s from Honduras.  I’m excited to try coffee beans that originates from somewhere outside of Ethiopia.


From what I can learn from the Interwebz, the beans are from a farmer named Santiago who grew them on a small farm somewhere in Honduras.  Even after 2 months, there’s a nice berry and floral aroma when I open the bag.

After making my latte, I’m amazed with the sweet, caramel and chocolaty taste.  Every latte I’ve made so far, I’ve quickly drunk it down after that first sip.


Knock Down the House

Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there was a group of activists called Justice Democrats who were looking for promising candidates that could primary Democratic incumbents in Congress.  They are looking for change.

The film crew recorded many of the scenes prior to the 2018 elections including interviews with the candidates and their opinions.  By showcasing the candidates, Netflix’s Knock Down the House is one of the most interesting behind the scenes political documentary.  I think the best quote from the documentary was “after 2016, nothing is for certain.”

This documentary really shines a light on the Ocasio-Cortez as a “rising star” and her opinions and activities going into the primary.  It’s fascinating.





So I’ve been thinking about jumping into a non-SMS based 2-Factor Authentication route for a long time.  Similarly, I’ve thought a password manager might be useful as well.  So when I saw a 1Password deal of 6 months free service and a $10 discount off a 2-pack of YubiKey5 from 1Password, the combined deal gave me a little more reason to make an impulse decision to jump into both systems immediately.

So spending maybe 3 hours already on setup… I’m a little disappointed at 1Password.

  • I had originally thought the interface would be a little easier.  But I struggled somewhat trying to figure out how to get the Firefox and Chrome extensions to “autofill” the site information.  But as I figured out how that interface worked, I started to realize that I DIDN’T REALLY LIKE having 1Password fill out my info.  Call me old school, but typing in my user login and password felt like I was in control and would minimize the possibility of me forgetting my actual password.  Plus I currently have my own system for managing passwords.
  • I set up the new YubiKey as part of the 2FA login process for 1Password online.  But do you know what’s a little odd?  2FA doesn’t kick in when I’m logging into the Windows App, the Firefox extension and the Chrome extension either.  What’s the point of having a YubiKey if there’s no authentication when using 1Password on Windows, Firefox or Chrome?  That’s just weird.

Finally, I’m a little disappointed that financial institutions don’t support YubiKey.  They do have have their own 2FA method.  But enabling there own 2FA method complicates the use of financial software like Quicken or Mint.  I’m for safety, privacy, and security. But when you check Quicken as often as I do (every day), having to deal with all the different 2FA through Quicken is annoying.


Raptors win!

I only really care about NBA Finals because of one person: Jeremy Lin.  Sure he might not have played in the NBA finals… but his team is playing in the finals.  Sure he might be a journeyman player who’s played for 8 teams over 9 seasons… but his current team is playing in the finals.  And most importantly, his team… the Toronto Raptors… just won the NBA finals.

And Jeremy Lin now has an NBA ring.  How many Asian American’s can say that?