The Office

Have you heard of a small NBC show called The Office? It’s a comedy show disguised as a documentary series.  It’s also one of those highly acclaimed shows that people talk about all the time.

Well… I finally finished this on Netflix six years after it’s season finale.  I found the earlier seasons to be funnier with the pranks between Jim and Dwight.  The hilarity in later seasons weren’t as good.  However there was one particular gem of a prank in later seasons: “Asian Jim.”  I think Asian Jim was the best one ever in that it exploited the cognitive dissonance in Dwight.



Black Oak Coffee Roaster

Black Oak Coffee recently won a coffee bean roasting competition. I know… a coffee roasting competition?! Anyways, I’ve had their beans in the past.  These beans were consumed a little over two months ago. I unfortunately haven’t gotten around to posting this review until today.


So making my latte, there was a bunch of subtle flavors: chocolate, peach, nuts, berries.  I got hints of everything but nothing really overwhelmed the other.  It was smooth and left a sweet aftertaste.  However, this just didn’t really make me go wow after each sip.


Oklao Specialty Coffee

Did you know Taiwan has an environment that is capable of growing coffee beans?  Taiwan is apparently located at the outer limit of acceptable.


The last time I was in Taiwan there was a local coffee shop called Oklao Coffee.  Apparently there are a few locations in Taiwan that are growing beans.  One is around the Alishan region (near central Taiwan) and another is at Dongshan (near the eastern coast).  They are grown in the mountainous region.  This coffee company bought and roasted these beans as well as other beans around the world.  But seeing how they’re a Taiwan roaster using Taiwan grown coffee beans, I had to at least try them.



These beans actually have a very subtle floral aroma and maybe some berry.  I’ve noticed that the aroma of the beans isn’t as great as when I first started getting beans and making lattes at home.  Anyways, making my latte, I have to say I’m pretty impressed.  These beans subtly remind me of the flavor of my latte when I use Kona beans.  The latte was chocolaty and smooth.

Weird Phone Issue

Yesterday I encountered a weird issue with my phone.  For some inexplicable reason, the phone wouldn’t charge despite the “charging” message at the bottom of a connected phone.  After a quick Google search, I went through the motions of a phone reboot, and two factory resets.  By the time the phone reached below 15%,  I chatted with Google support and they decided to RMA the phone since the phone was still under warranty.  I was a bit disappointed that I’d be getting a refurbished phone.  Over the rest of the day, the phone ended up dying (no more battery).

When I got back home, I plugged it back in and somehow, my phone started charging again!  I don’t know what happened or why but the phone seemed to have just reset itself?!?  I contacted Google support again to see what I can do to cancel the RMA order.  And they apparently shipped it out already within 12 hours!?  That was an extremely fast order processing!

Although I’m glad to not have to replace my phone, because of the factory reset, I have to re-download the apps, reconnect my accounts and re-customize all my settings is a pain.  As of this morning, I have most of the critical apps downloaded.  I left off some apps I don’t use frequently so I suppose it’s a small blessing in disguise.  I finished reconnecting all the different accounts.  I think most of my settings have been re-customized now.  I do have to say it is annoying trying to find all the different settings and then remembering what they do.  Aside from specific WiFi connections, re-pairing Bluetooth devices, and adding music files back to my phone, I think my phone is back up and running for typical daily usage.

Airline Attendants

April has been a pretty crazy month.  A personal trip followed almost immediately by a quick work trip.  With all the travel, I noticed the flight attendants of different airline companies vary significantly.

On the personal trip, all the flight attendants except for maybe the head attendant were all young females… probably all less than 30 years in age.  They wore matching uniforms with matching hairstyles.  They also had a very similar look irrespective.  Most spoke at least 2 or 3 languages fluently enough at a conversational level.  Many smiled at the interaction with the customer before speaking.

In contrast, on the work trip, none of the flight attendants were young nor all female.  Their uniforms varied to signify the different “jobs” each uniform performed.  From what I can tell, one uniform interacted with the customers solely as a “busboy and kitchen microwave” role while the ones wearing the more traditional flight attendant uniform interacted with the customers handing them food and dealing with issues.  Regardless of their roles, not all the attendants smiled when they interacted with the customer.

I think the difference is ultimately the type of culture that’s trained by the airline company.