Super Bowl Breakdown

Egads… what a colossal defensive SF breakdown in the 4th.  I watched the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter where San Francisco was up 20-10.  Biggest lesson?  Penalties Sink Teams

The big 44 yard catch by KC’s Hill on a 3rd and 15 and the subsequent SF pass interference penalty shifted the momentum towards KC.  From there on out, it was a touchdown to bring it to 20-17.  Then an SF… 3 and out. Where’s that run game!?

With KC in good field position, Sherman let his guy slip past him for another big gain which soon led to another TD and KC on top 24-20.  The following drive to “win” the game ended up in a turnover on downs.  And after that… KC runs it in for another TD to seal the game.

Looking at the highlights on YouTube, penalties sink teams.  The penalty at the end of 1st half hurt the 49ers.  They had a chance to score going into halftime but that penalty pretty much guaranteed a tie game.  Then that critical pass interference pretty much sparked KC’s momentum and subsequently demoralized the SF defense with 2 quick scores.  Looking at how SF defense started playing after this penalty, I had a feeling that they were going to lose.


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