Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee Roasters. These roasters were my gateway beans into the wide world of  coffee roasters.  Years ago, I received a 6m subscription from Ritual coffee.  Back then I was still making my latte along with an overnight cold brew.  I was amazed at just how different beans could impart such different tastes, texture and aromas.  And the were all roasted by one company.  Anyways, I went up to Northern California recently and stopped by one of Ritual Coffee’s many outlets and picked up these beans from Colombia.


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with nutty and floral aromas.  This brings me back to some of the early memories of opening the Ritual bags when I received them in the mail.  After making my latte, I start tasting this pleasant citrus flavor that seems to morph into this chocolate flavored after taste.


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