Asian Enough: Kamala Harris

I posted sometime ago about LA Times’ Asian Enough podcast.  This past week they interviewed California’s US Senator Kamala Harris.  For those that might not know, Senator Harris is half Asian (Indian) and half Black (Jamaican).  She was also one of the many Democratic candidates for the 2020 Presidential race.

This podcast gives great insight into Senator Harris as a person as opposed to a presidential candidate or senator.  It’s worth listening to.



Asian Enough Podcast

To have LA Times support a podcast called Asian Enough where celebrity Asian Americans are interviewed about their unique experience and background while growing up Asian American is very remarkable.  It’s very refreshing to hear how these Asian celebrities describe their childhood difficulties of not being American enough in US while simultaneously not being Asian enough from their country of cultural origin.  Doesn’t that sound familiar?


Mindy World News

A few weeks ago, a TW FB friend posted a link to a TW podcast called Mindi World News.  From what I gather, the podcaster selects newsworthy world events and explains the news in depth to her audience.  Although I can’t read her print, I assume the podcast is a close reflection of what she is writing and vice versa.

I only understand 50% of her podcast due to the fact I don’t know a lot of the Chinese names (i.e. Pakistan 巴基斯坦 or Palestine 巴勒斯坦) of places that I know in English.  However, I get the general idea of what she’s describing if I also happen to read them in English.  This 50% comprehension is roughly about right when I also talk to my relatives outside of anything conversational.  Maybe from listening to this, I might be able to understand more?


It’s that time of year again… Not Christmas.  Not New Year’s fireworks.  It’s the year end scramble to donate to a non-profit in order to take potential tax deductions.

This is my 2nd year donating to NPR.  Their Politics podcast and Planet Money podcast are two of the best podcasts to listen to.  I also listen to the Ted Radio Hour, How I Built This, and Hidden Brain.  Aside from podcasts, I also listen to their news via Google Home.  That’s six NPR shows.



Dual Political Monopoly

Readers of this blog probably know Freakonomics is one of the podcasts that I listen to.  They recently released a new podcast that touches on politics… specifically, the duopoly (dual monopoly) in politics between the Republicans and Democrats.  Everyone should have an interest in politics since the government can directly influence the daily lives of each citizen both positively as well as negatively.

This podcast makes the case of why this duopoly needs to be broken up.  From collusion  to keep other 3rd party candidates out of elections to partisan legislation through Congress and the White House, I hope all the readers of this blog seriously listens to this Freakonomics podcast.

America’s Hidden Duopoly (Ep. 356)

A New Trevor Noah Stand Up

Readers of this blog are probably aware that I’m a big fan of Trevor Noah. He’s a master at embedding relevant social commentary into his jokes.  His “immigrant experience” routines are hilarious and accurate in his observations.  His past Netflix specials (You Laugh But It’s True, Afraid of the Dark) and his continued presence as The Daily Show host show how he views many social and political issues through a different viewpoints.  His commentary makes me think about the actual issue even if I don’t have a particular position to the issue.

Netflix recently released a new stand up “Son of Patricia” shortly before Thanksgiving.  Watch it. It’s great.

In other news, The Daily Show has had a podcast since the start of the year.  Since I watch his show on Youtube, this podcast is actually pretty awesome.  It summarizes the 30 minute TV episode into shorter 20 minutes segments.  It’s great for listening on short drives.


Jeremy Lin Interview

Freakonomics recently had an interview featuring the Asian American NBA point guard Jeremy Lin.  It’s a pretty fascinating interview to listen to.  While listening, Lin remarked on two different topics that struck me as pretty insightful.

  1. He’s not recognized for his athletic ability.  He gave an example of… even though he’s as fast as a fellow NBA player (tied for 1st in the combine), he was only known for being “deceptively” fast.  Being considered “deceptive” is pretty insulting.   I haven’t fact check this but the other player was a black player named John Wall who was probably younger than Lin at the time of the combine.
  2. From his experience so far, he’s learned that purpose and communication are two key lessons he’s learned.


Jobs Report Friday (byuu byu byu byuuuuuuuu)

So I listen to NPR’s Planet Money podcast pretty religiously. There is a host or maybe multiple host that gets particularly excited about a report that is issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the first Friday of the month.  The “byuuuu” are air horns by the way.

As part of my morning routine, I usually ask Google  to tell me the news.  And it’ll dutifully start reporting the news starting with NPR as I’ve programmed it to.  NPR is pretty nice since they usually have hourly updates to the news.  In one of the updates, the announcer mentioned the Bureau of Labor Statistics report. In my head, I went:  “Jobs Report Friday!!! Byuu byu byu byuuuuuu…” complete with sound effects.  #PlanetMoney4Lyfe.


Three Wealth Levels

I heard this on a recent podcast of “How I Built This.”  According to Butterfield, there’s three levels of wealth.

  • First Level = Not have to worry about debt (credit card/student loans).
  • Second Level = Not have to worry about how much a restaurant costs.
  • Third Level = Not have to worry about how much a vacation will cost.

I have to say this is an interesting way to look at wealth.

Making Obama Podcast

Yes We Can!

I don’t recall when I first heard about Obama.  I have vague recollections of his 2004 keynote Democratic National Convention speech.  However, I distinctly remember buying his book “The Audacity of Hope” and reading it on a family trip to Taiwan on the airplane.  I remember finishing the book and thinking that Obama’s message of hope, togetherness and change was a very good message for the future of politics.  At the time, I had thought the partisan bickering was pretty bad but compared to 2018, the mid-2000s is nothing!

Anyways, I heard through one of the political podcasts that I listen to that there was a new podcast by WBEZ called “Making Obama” that talked about the rise of Obama from his time as a community organizer to that 2004 keynote speech.  Hearing WBEZ’s podcast is pretty amazing.  There are quite a few things the podcast discussed that details what could only be described as the fortunate circumstances of how Obama won his state senate seat as well as the US Senate seat.

This podcast is well worth listening to.