Mindy World News

A few weeks ago, a TW FB friend posted a link to a TW podcast called Mindi World News.  From what I gather, the podcaster selects newsworthy world events and explains the news in depth to her audience.  Although I can’t read her print, I assume the podcast is a close reflection of what she is writing and vice versa.

I only understand 50% of her podcast due to the fact I don’t know a lot of the Chinese names (i.e. Pakistan 巴基斯坦 or Palestine 巴勒斯坦) of places that I know in English.  However, I get the general idea of what she’s describing if I also happen to read them in English.  This 50% comprehension is roughly about right when I also talk to my relatives outside of anything conversational.  Maybe from listening to this, I might be able to understand more?


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