Maui Mokka Coffee

So these Peaberry coffee beans are not part of the Angel’s Cup subscription that I subscribe to.  They were a gift from someone who went to Hawaii recently.  I’ve been grinding these beans for quite some time now (2 weeks) and I’m almost finished with the bag.


A wonderful cherry/berry aroma wafts in the air when I first opened the bag followed by an intense earthy and caramel/chocolate chaser.  After grinding, the coffee grounds take on a more intense nutty and chocolate aroma.  I don’t smell the fruits or caramel anymore.

After making the latte, these beans are extremely smooth to drink.  The latte leaves this pleasant after taste that lingers at the back of my tongue.  It was so delicious that one time I made the 2nd one immediately after finishing the 1st one.

Political Hypocrites?

Let’s face it.  The current US politics is a fucking mess.  Whenever one political party is in power, the other party seeks to put down and belittle the party in power.  The term “bipartisan support” might as well be considered the Holy Grail.  The latest incident deals with the secretive process this new AHCA/TrumpCare that’s being formulated by the Senate Republicans.

Back when ACA/Obamacare was being formulated, Republicans were not in power and were subsequently denouncing the Democratic led efforts for healthcare.  This Washington Post article does a good job summing up the hypocrisy in politics.

When will the average citizens become tired of this bullshit?

Why can’t the average citizen hold the politicians for BOTH parties accountable for their actions and words?



I will admit I have a tendency to interrupt others… men, women, dogs, cats, birds.  Not that I’m excusing this rude impolite behavior, but I think I interrupt people because I’m passionate about what I want to say.  I find that if I don’t say something right away, I lose my chance and more importantly my train of thought.  I recognize this problem and I’ve been taking slow steps to try to minimize my interruption of others.  I wonder if people notice it.

But anyways, due to the recent Senate hearings, a number of interesting things are coming out… like the interruption of Kamala Harris when speaking.  I find this fascinating because I recently heard about a study that women get interrupted by men more often as a sign of power. And yes, it even happens to the female Supreme Court Justices!  Do you remember this?  Interruption at it’s “finest.”

Backlash against Bernie? 

So Bernie Sanders made news that was surprisingly negative. Reading about it here and reading other articles got me thinking… Was Bernie wrong to pursue such line of questioning? 

To me, more politicians need to hold other politicians accountable.  The way I see it, if a nominee considers himself Christian first and doesn’t view other religions with “equal” respect, how do we as citizens know that the decisions this nominee makes are neither tainted with a religious view nor considered as religiously blind?  In my mind, what Bernie wanted to do was to ensure that  this nominee wouldn’t be using his religious convictions to implement policy in a “religiously blind” government. 

On my opinion, it’s like abortion. The whole abortion issue boils down to the fact that a religious viewpoint is disguised as a political viewpoint of “every life is precious.”  Yet the irony to me is, we have forgotten veterans, unwanted homeless, and even hungry families that are ignored by these religions.  The life of these people are just as important as that of an embryo, yet religious leaders don’t make a big fuss out the forgotten. 

Political Spin from Comey’s testimony?

I don’t know what to say.  Reading this Wired article should leave EVERYONE confused at exactly what is going on politically.  The same statements are interpreted in two widely different viewpoints based on political ideology.  Seriously all this bullshit?

But the events from Comey remain clear…

  • Trump ordered EVERYONE out of the room.
  • Trump told Comey, he “hoped Comey can let the Flynn Investigation go.”

That’s not hoping.  That’s Trump performing a premeditated action with the intent to stop the investigation.