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The algorithms that power my news feed apparently thought that I might be interested in this particular product: Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. Based on the website, this collaboration between a coffee roaster Good Folks Coffee Company and Pappy Bourbon results in dark roast of single origin beans from Guatemala. Interestingly enough, apparently you can’t purchase any bourbon from the website.

Opening the bag, I’m greeted with aromas of spicy oak. This reminds me of aromas from alcohol aging (like wine). But since it’s bourbon (aka whiskey that’s been distilled with more than 51% corn mash), the distinctive grain smell also lingers as well. In addition to the oak and grain smells, I also get a “yougurty” aged smell that is very similar to the geisha beans. Grinding the beans, I’m struck at how a subdued the aromas are. Making my latte, the whiskey flavor is the most outstanding flavor that I taste first. After this initial whiskey flavor, I taste this grain-like/grass-like flavors as well. I think this related to the whiskey aging too. After overcoming these two flavors, I also start to get hints of the “agey-ness” and fermented flavors. The latte is different from what I’m normally used to. What surprises me is the lack of nutty, floral or fruity flavors. Overall, these beans taste nothing like the normal beans from the coffee subscriptions. They’re not bad but clearly different from the norm.


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