Trusted Traveler Blues….

Trusted Traveler is one those US Government programs that tries to make things efficient at airports and border crossings. The idea is that the government will pre-screen US citizen / travelers first and if approved, the traveler is granted a few benefits at these entry points. Two of the notable benefits are Global Entry and TSA PreCheck. Global Entry allows an approved traveler to quickly go through customs after returning from travel abroad. TSA PreCheck allows an approved traveler to go through expedited screening process through the airport security. Generally, this means there’s a dedicated line for the traveler to walk through and also includes a nice benefit of not having to take off shoes.

I recently renewed my application. And wow…. getting an interview is difficult. I couldn’t find any ZOOM based interview time slots (preferred) but even in-person time slots were difficult to come by. Looking through at the various locations that offer in-person interviews, the availability varies from city to city irrespective of the region. The West coast was as busy as the East coast and was as busy as the South. Fortunately, I found a time 9 months later at the local office. I could also travel to another airport for earlier interviews but it didn’t seem to make any sense doing that since I’d have to take time off and spend money on airplane tickets. I could better spend the money on travel to where I want.

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