This Incompetent Bank…

Ugh… what the fuck are you doing?

Recently, I received communication that my mortgage loan servicer was changing to a big branded national bank. I’m not sure why the original servicer wanted to sell my mortgage but I guess it happens frequently enough. I also currently use credit cards with this big branded national bank for a few years now and haven’t really had issues using their online portal to check on my various accounts.

About a week after, I still haven’t seen the mortgage account on my online portal. I called the provided customer service line and they apparently could not reconcile the differences between the information from the mortgage with the existing information in the credit card. Somehow they fixed it and the account showed up within an hour.

Fast forward about 5 days, I noticed that “my profile” is wrong now. The order of my name is all jumbled up where my middle name is now my “first name” and my first name becaume my “last name.” I messaged Chase to have them fix it and they said it’ll be done in 72 hours. 5 days later, it’s still not fixed and my mortgage account disappeared from the portal!?!

Seriously!? I called again and they were able to re-link the mortgage account but still haven’t fixed the name. Fortunately, I was able to get the phone number for “direct call-in.”

This is just stupid.


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