Angels Cup Holiday Gesha Box

I managed to snag one of the Angels Cup Holiday Gesha Box for 2021! I received four bags labeled A, B ,C and D. The descriptions of the Gesha beans had to be pulled online since Angels Cup is trying to be more eco-conscious and stopped providing the little cards describing each of the bags and the origin of the beans. I took snapshots of each of the bean description for your perusual.

Bag A: This bag has such a pleasant floral, and fruity smell. It’s very similar to the powerful aroma of Bag C. Very fruity and sweet to taste with hints of dark chocolate aftertaste. The latte smells amazing.
Bag B: This bag also has a floral smell and hints of fermentation/yogurt aromas. It’s not as fruity of an aroma as Bag C. The sweet fermentation flavor comes through immediately and overpowers the subtle fruit flavors.
Bag C: This bag is probalby my most favorite. It has floral, fruity, caramelly aromas. It’s fruity and sweet with slighty nutty and caramel after taste.
Bag D: This bag has the most floral aroma of the four. The florals dominate the taste ending with a nice nutty, toffee, milk chocolate after taste.

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