House of Cards

I am super impressed at the intrigue political drama known as House of Cards (wiki).  I’ve heard it was good but didn’t know how good until yesterday.  So far there’s 4 seasons with a confirmed 5th season to come out sometime this year.

But that got me wondering… how does Netflix fund these shows?  I’ve been told TV/Movie shows are expensive.  Here’s an interesting infographic from a google search.  And another.  And another.  Subscription content is here to stay.

Trevor Noah on Netflix

Does anyone watch The Daily Show? To me, it’s a quasi political and mainstream media satire show.  The comedian Jon Stewart used to host the show on Comedy Channel and retired not too long ago. Occasionally I still see his commentary from time to time on The Late Show with Colbert.

Anyways, Trevor Noah took over the duties at The Daily Show. Although I haven’t watched the show in great depth, I’ve watched a few YouTube clips and found the short clips to be a hilarious commentary of the day’s news.  Remember the Carrier “deal“?  Here’s the Daily Show’s commentary.   Commentary aside, Noah is great comedian as well.

Now with Netflix and having seen stand up comedian Ali Wong  perform her routine, Noah apparently also has a few shows that’s on Netflix.  I’ve seen all three (first, second, third) and they are funny!  The third one though is more documentary with funny moments.  Time to binge on other stand up shows on Netflix.

The Choices on Netflix

So I signed up for Netflix recently.  I’m finding that there’s just so many shows there that it’s impossible to start.  Does that sound familiar?  Ya… the paradox of choice.  I literally don’t know where to start.  There are these TV shows that people talk about like Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  All these were suggested by other people at some point in time.  I haven’t started watching them mainly because I’m currently engrossed in Downton Abbey (season 4 now).

But of what Netflix shows I’ve seen so far, there is a hilarious Asian American comedian Ali Wong who did a comedy show for Netflix.  If you’re Asian American, it’s worth watching.

Downton Abbey

I recently started watching Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime Video.  Yes I know it’s a pretty old show but strangely enough I find two story arcs to be very compelling.  The first story is the one that follows Mary Crawley.  The writers so far has made her out to be a selfish, strong willed, stubborn, cold and calculating yet petty as only the rich can be.  But despite all that, I can’t help but want to root for her to prevail.  The second story that I find fascinating centers around Anna May Smith. The writers have made her to be loyal, honest, and compassionate.  In some ways, she represents the complete opposite of Mary yet at the same time, you see how both women support the people they care about in their own ways.  Aside from these two main story arcs, the servant political intrigue is pretty amusing as well as the bickering between Isobel and Violet.

This show is supposed to last for 6 seasons and I’m already on season 3. Egads!

The Latte Taste Test

You might be asking yourself, how do I make my latte?  It should be stated as a fact that variance in process can ruin the taste of a latte.  So if I try to minimize this variance, then the taste of the beans should be standardized and comparable regardless of the coffee roaster.  So in the past 5 years, I’ve come up with a standard approach.

  • Grind approximately 30g of coffee beans.
  • Add approximately 120g of hot water at 98C (or 4x the weight of ground beans) in an Aeropress.
  • Stir and brew the hot coffee slurry for no more than 5 minutes.
  • Use the Aeropress to extract the coffee extract out into a cup.
  • Weigh the total recovered espresso liquid.
  • Add approximately 180g of Horizon 2% Organic cold milk into the espresso liquid (or 3x the weight of recovered espresso liquid).

It should be obvious that the strength of the espresso liquid is dependent on the amount of milk used.  For Cafe con Leche, I find a 1x the weight of the recovered espresso liquid to yield a good strong coffee.

Evans Brothers Roaster

After being gifted with Ritual Coffee subscription, I looked and join a coffee subscription service called Angel’s Cup.  From an old reddit post I stumbled upon via Google (now turned into wiki guide), Angel’s Cup seemed to have the best variety (different roasters) for the price (~20/bag) and frequency (once per month) that I was looking for.

Coffee roasters like Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, and even Starbucks all roast their coffee beans differently resulting in unique flavor profiles in the lattes that I drink.  After being with Ritual Coffee for so long, I really wanted to try different roasters in order to taste the different profiles.  And Angel’s Cup seems to fit that bill.

So for March I received this…



Hello World~!

Welcome, welcome!

A new website is in the works.  I’m abandoning everything from the old web hosting service in favor of a WordPress powered website that does both the front-end and back-end details.

Honestly, I kept getting bogged down by all the things I had to do with the upkeep at the old web hosting service that I just stopped posting completely.  Wordpress is great because I’m already used to their main dashboard design although at first glance there are some differences between the old web hosting service’s WordPress interface and WordPress’ interface.

I hope with this new change, I’ll start posting more awesomeness!  For the time being, the picture WordPress provided for the “First Post” is pretty cool so I guess I’ll keep it for now.