Angels Cup Specialty Box

Angels Cup (one of my monthly coffee subscriptions) had a deal where a single roaster would investigate the different coffee processing methods and the subsequent flavor profiles from each method. Cafe Kreyol sent over four small bags of coffee beans that were processed differently: Washed (A), Red Honey (B), Natural (C), Aged Natural (D). I used the beans in order of A through D. After tasting the lattes from the bags, there are definitely flavor differences between the four different processing methods.

I really enjoyed the flavors in this order C > D> A> B. I tasted the most flavors from the Natural (C) processing where as Red Honey (B) was a totally subdued flavor profile. I initially enjoyed Washed (A) but after having Natural (C) and Aged Natural (D) and then going back to have Washed (A), the flavor strength of Washed didn’t compare to Natural/Aged Natural. I began to see why some of the coffee producing regions of Ethiopia mainly use Natural processing as there’s just so much flavor packed in each sip.


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