Steady State Roasting

November’s Trade Coffee comes from a roaster out in Carlsbad, CA called Steady State Roasting. The beans are Ethiopia’s Guji region. Frequent readers will recognize that I’ve actually received many roasted beans from this region in the past. The lattes I make are generally very delicious and always a solid choice.

However, this bag is slightly different. I find that the normal latte recipe gives a watered down espresso taste. This watered down taste takes away from the latte. Even the normal “coffee flavor” of the latte doesn’t have the normal strength typically tasted in the lattes. As a result, I’ve been decreasing the amount of water needed to brew inside the Aeropress to get rid of this watered down effect. So far, after a few tries, it’s made the latte very strong (typical) but suprisingly hasn’t really brought out more of the flavors. Puzzling….


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