Ironclad Coffee Roasters

The August’s Angels Cup offering comes from Ironclad Coffee Roasters. The beans are from Ethiopia’s Kochere region in the Gedeo Zone. These beans are apparently roasted two ways (light and medium).

Opening the bag, I smell strong aromas of berries, oats and yogurt. Grinding the beans, I also start smelling this subtle nutty aroma mingling with the oats and berries. Making my latte, the first sip brings an explosion of berry, peach and honey flavors. As the coffee coats my tongue, I realize that there’s a subtle milk chocolate after taste. The nutty flavor also comes out with each taste. I think this is an interesting blend of two types of roasted beans. This is the first time a roaster sent beans in this fashion. It’d be interesting to see something similar from other roasters in the future.

Netflix’s Battle of the Real Estate Reality TV Shows

A new Netflix series series called Million Dollar Beach house recently got categorized under “something I may be interested in.” The show follows around real estate agents around selling multi-million dollar houses in New York’s The Hamptons. Million dollar houses… why does that sound familiar!? Oh… is it because I recently finished watching the new season of another Netflix series Selling Sunset?

I finished the first episode and I have to say… I’m not really liking the show. My biggest complaint is actually about the agents of the show. I don’t like any of them. One has this “bro” aura that I suspect is being carefully curated through editing magic. Another has the “down on my luck” kind of guy where at best you know he’s going to succeed because he’s a white male. Then you have an ambitious black guy who wants to succeed. And to round out the cast, there’s a high-spirited opinionated female agent. Second, I’m not familiar with The Hamptons so hearing the agents talk about how rich, expensive, and selective their clientele are really means nothing. In Selling Sunset’s Hollywood, you have similarly rich, expensive, and selective clientele that the Selling Sunset agents work with. If anything, the Selling Sunset’s expansion into San Fernando Valley gives small glimpse into the more “affordable” price point offerings as well too. Third, I will admit… the catfights on Selling Sunset are much more interesting than the “bro fights” that were displayed in the first episode and hinted at in subsequent.

Slick Marketing Strategy

So apparently on they are selling a hiking day backpack. One of those backpacks that allows you stuff the needs for a quick 1-4 hr hike. However, they inserted a little gem on the very last picture…

The “title” of the post makes perfect sense now doesn’t it?

UPDATE: 2 hours after this post, the above picture was taken offline. Someone might be reprimanded for posting the pic in the first place.

Terms of Service

Holy crap… this pic is from the article ( and it’s been zoomed out to 25% on Google Chrome.  And it still doesn’t doesn’t see the bottom of Spotify, Apple, TikTok and Microsoft.  Why can’t Terms of Service (TOS) be shorter and simpler to read?  Who actually reads the TOS?  No one because it’s too fucking long and moderately complex enough to discourage reading.

Ultimately, you(me) are the product for all these services.





Workspace Upgrade

With COVID-19 and associated work from home requirements from my current company, I decided to revamp my old workspace at home with a standing desk and take some pictures along the way as I set it back up.  My goal with this workspace revamp was:

  1. use the two 27″ monitors I currently have
  2. switch between my personal computer and the work laptop while using these monitors
  3. minimize cabling mess that currently exists at the back of the existing monitors
  4. easily switch back to just using my personal computer once work from home requirements are over

Here was the initial desk setup.  The work laptop (right) is connected to a 24″ monitor (right) provided for by my work.  You don’t really see the massive amounts of cables behind the desks but you can sort of get an idea of how crowded my workspace has become.

Desk (0)

So my employer has been kind enough to provide all employees with a “Work From Home Allowance” due to COVID-19.  Google has provided similar allowances with their workers.  With this allowance, I had opted to buy a new chair and then when WFH was extended to spend the remaining amount on a standing desk.

Doing research on standing desks, there are quite a few companies that provide standing desks: Uplift Desk, Autonomous, Jarvis by Fully, Vari, and other brands sold through Amazon and Office Depot.  After research of the cost and options of what is offered, I settled on a more expensive Uplift Desk because it had the colors and options that I was interested in.  So here’s are the pics with some description

I opted for the a Dark Rubberwood 72″x30″ desk with two power grommets, a programmable memory keypad, wire management package, a CPU holder and dual monitor arms.  Let me just say that, knowing what I know now, the power grommet, wire management, CPU holder and dual monitor arms can be purchased more cheaply with better options from Amazon.  Wire management can also be done easily with small accessories also purchased from Amazon and Home Depot.  After setting up the desk, I’ve been slowly upgrading and buying the items I need to achieve the 4 goals listed above.

Power Grommets.  Unless ordering the largest size, pre-drilled wire grommets come standard with the desk.  Knowing that I needed power, I opted for dual power grommets.  But looking through Amazon and Home Depot afterwards, I realized that I could have gotten other grommets for cheaper that offered more options.  Options include things like USB hubs and embedded USB ports for charging.  I realized that reading the comments as well as the seeing the total number of reviews is pretty important.  Because of the “openness” of Amazon being able to sell anything, there are a lot of merchants that sell the same looking merchandise at various price points.  Sometimes I think they are the same but it just gets branded differently.  I ended up getting two of the USB 2 ports for charging with a max of 4A if only 1 port is used.  They also have a 4 port, 2A (4A max) option.  To be clear, I have no idea what grommet is good.  With so many similar looking options, I ended up choosing one that had a lot of reviews which ended up being this Amazon store: Jgstkcity.  I tried searching to see if they had their own website but found only links to Amazon and other websites selling their equipment.  To be fair, I also tried other grommets like the USB hub linked above.  Unfortunately the design of the grommet didn’t allow for easy assembly/insertion into the pre-drilled hole.  And unplugging USB cords from the hub lifted it out of the grommet.  So as much as I wanted the hub to work, it didn’t perform well and honestly requires a simple design change to make it work.

Wire Management. The included wire management package I bought comes with reusable zip ties, adjustable cable strap clamps, cable clips, power strips, and cable management tray.  Although it might be cheaper to use the items provided by the package, I ended up going out to Home Depot and Amazon to buy more of these items since I ended up having to redo cabling multiple times.  And since I’m about 75% completed, there’s more cabling management needed in the future.

Dual Monitor Arms.  Simply put… Amazon has cheaper alternatives like this Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Stand.

CPU Holder. Next steps will be to build a new ITX computer.  Why? My current computer is ~4 years old. But more importantly, it doesn’t fit into the CPU holder.  The width of the case is slightly too big for the holder by approximately an inch.  If I had measured more carefully, I would never have ordered the CPU holder since I have other options to place the current computer.  But since I installed the CPU holder, I might as well push accelerate the timing of my computer purchase.  Once I build this computer, the remaining cables seen in the last picture can be cleaned up since the length of the cables will be effectively fixed mounted in the CPU holder.

Portland Coffee Roasters

August’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Portland Coffee Roasters.  The artwork on the packaging is pretty cool.  If you go to their website, they names and a short description of their role in the coffee process from farming to roasting to coffee making.  The beans come from Columbia’s Fincal Palmichal which if you read the website description is on the western side of the Andes.  


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a wonderful fruity aroma.  After making my latte, the first sip was had a pleasant fruity berry flavor.  Continuing to drink the latte, I start tasting hints of sweet sugar and a wonderful nutty chocolate aftertaste that lingers in the back of the tongue.  Lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of crema is generated after I pour in the hot water to brew.  So with the past few lattes, I’ve been manually scooping out the crema into my coffee cup prior to pressing.  Although I’m not sure if the taste changes, I feel like my tongue is coated much faster with the nutty chocolate aftertaste with the crema that I scoop.  Makes me wonder what’s in that crema

This New Block Editor is horrible

Does anyone else think this “new” block editor is horrible? What’s the rationale behind this change? And why does WP think this format is better than the older way of writing?

  • Are they trying to minimize the formatting tools options that used to run along the top? Those tools are COMMON to any word type document user.
  • Where are the visual indication of where the page margins are? It’s a bit disconcerting since I usually rely on those indicators
  • I think at the very minimum having a visual indicators of the BLOCK itself would be a good change.
  •  Once you switch to using this editor, there are compatibility issues after switching back to the classic editor

Using a layout block in dual column option… the lack of borders is really disconcerting since it now seems like the two columns are super wide and will basically ruin the width setting of the theme. I don’t know if there is a positive benefit in being able to change the column color.

AND then you can also use a classic editor in the new block editor?  What the fuck?

And then you can have multiple “blocks” within a dual column? This clearly going to fuck up with the HTML settings

Removing blocks also isn’t that intuitive at times. Need to click on the block (good luck trying to find the right block), then find the little pop up, then click on the three dots to see the option. Highlighting text would be much faster but you know what? It still leaves a “block” in it’s place as opposed to fully being deleted.

I also don’t understand why a new paragraph warrants a new block.
Although SHIFT+ENTER seems to keep them in the same block.

And what does group do? Seems a bit pointless since it combines them all into 1 large block but still with various “sub blocks”… which again leads me to the need to have some sort of demarcation of the various blocks within the editor.

What is VERSE block?  
roses are red
violets are blue
WP blocks
just screwed you

Oh that's interesting... it keeps it all neatly under one large block.
And where do i format the "preformatted" options?  Because font and size look different

seriously this is stupid

Gimme! Coffee Roasters

July’s Angels Cup comes from Gimme! Coffee.  The simple design of a red circle with a white exclamation mark is ingenious.  The coffee beans comes from Columbia.  From the description of the coffee, the beans come from a high quality region managed by one man which can only be a good thing right?


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with aromas of peach, sugar and a lingering nutty aroma.  Grinding the beans opens up the nutty aroma even more.  After making my latte, the first sip had hints of burnt caramelized sugar, fruity flavors and a very subtle milk chocolate after taste.  Each subsequent sip though, the burnt caramelized sugar flavor became the dominant flavor overpowering everything else.  To me it felt like I was drinking a brown sugar milk drink with hints of coffee and nuts.