Ironclad Coffee Roasters

The August’s Angels Cup offering comes from Ironclad Coffee Roasters. The beans are from Ethiopia’s Kochere region in the Gedeo Zone. These beans are apparently roasted two ways (light and medium).

Opening the bag, I smell strong aromas of berries, oats and yogurt. Grinding the beans, I also start smelling this subtle nutty aroma mingling with the oats and berries. Making my latte, the first sip brings an explosion of berry, peach and honey flavors. As the coffee coats my tongue, I realize that there’s a subtle milk chocolate after taste. The nutty flavor also comes out with each taste. I think this is an interesting blend of two types of roasted beans. This is the first time a roaster sent beans in this fashion. It’d be interesting to see something similar from other roasters in the future.


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