Gimme! Coffee Roasters

July’s Angels Cup comes from Gimme! Coffee.  The simple design of a red circle with a white exclamation mark is ingenious.  The coffee beans comes from Columbia.  From the description of the coffee, the beans come from a high quality region managed by one man which can only be a good thing right?


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with aromas of peach, sugar and a lingering nutty aroma.  Grinding the beans opens up the nutty aroma even more.  After making my latte, the first sip had hints of burnt caramelized sugar, fruity flavors and a very subtle milk chocolate after taste.  Each subsequent sip though, the burnt caramelized sugar flavor became the dominant flavor overpowering everything else.  To me it felt like I was drinking a brown sugar milk drink with hints of coffee and nuts.


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