Portland Coffee Roasters

August’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Portland Coffee Roasters.  The artwork on the packaging is pretty cool.  If you go to their website, they names and a short description of their role in the coffee process from farming to roasting to coffee making.  The beans come from Columbia’s Fincal Palmichal which if you read the website description is on the western side of the Andes.  


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a wonderful fruity aroma.  After making my latte, the first sip was had a pleasant fruity berry flavor.  Continuing to drink the latte, I start tasting hints of sweet sugar and a wonderful nutty chocolate aftertaste that lingers in the back of the tongue.  Lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of crema is generated after I pour in the hot water to brew.  So with the past few lattes, I’ve been manually scooping out the crema into my coffee cup prior to pressing.  Although I’m not sure if the taste changes, I feel like my tongue is coated much faster with the nutty chocolate aftertaste with the crema that I scoop.  Makes me wonder what’s in that crema


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