Bill Nye on Netflix

I never grew up watching Bill Nye.  But I have heard of him and his “Bill Nye the Science Guy” show.  He has a new show on Netflix called “Bill Nye Saves the World.”  The purpose of the show is very well intentioned.

I just finished the first episode about climate change.   His beginning explanation of climate change and water level rising is very simple to understand.  But it leaves out another factor of the water level rising (melting ice from warmer temperatures).  He’s purposely not mentioning anything controversial but showing a simple scientific experiment that demonstrates a particular scientific principles that drives his message across as simple as possible.  This sounds like an interesting approach to simplify the message he wants to convey.

There were two notable moments from the show that occurred during the panel discussion to a simple yet engaging question of “What can we as non-scientist do?”  The first answer was to VOTE.  The second was to “become aware” of their surroundings.  Such positive messages are very important to understanding and changing the future.

I look forward to seeing what else Bill Nye can do with his show.

(not so) Free Speech?

UC Berkeley students have recently involved themselves in a number of controversies that don’t quite make sense to me.  The latest incident to happen was Ann Coulter canceling a planned speaking event at Berkeley.  Previously before that was the Milo Yiannopoulos incident.

But after these two incidents, two thought immediately came to mind.

  1. The proportion of the student body that actually are political should be pretty small.  From what I remember, at least 40% of the student body is Asian(/Chinese) and let’s be realistic here… Asians almost never willingly participate in politics THIS divided or controversial.  Oh they might say something but I highly doubt they’d participate in any fracas… because the punishment when their parents find out that they weren’t studying is FAR WORSE.  Even still, have you seen the pictures of these Pro-Trump/Anti-Trump rallies that turn into fistfights?  Just about every person pictures is non-Asian/non-Chinese.
  2. How did the epicenter of the Free Speech Movement come to support an anti-viewpoint/anti-ideology movement?  And furthermore, at what point does the safety of the general non-political population become more important than upholding free speech?

Now what would Bernie say?


Ya I thought so.

Are you paying federal income taxes?

With the 2016 tax season behind us and listening to the NPR Politics Podcast that I listen to, did you know apparently 45% of the US population did not pay federal income tax for the 2015 tax year?  According to this MarketWatch article, the bottom 40% of the income brackets actually get money back from the federal government.

Additionally, an NPR/Ipsos Poll (link 1, link 2) result shows markedly different conception about people paying taxes.  The one result that surprised me was that 70% of the people polled believed less American’s pay federal income taxes than the actual amount (45%).  How crazy is that?


Hamilton AMEX presale

I was trying to get the Hamilton Touring AMEX presale via Ticketmaster today.  Their algorithm is horrible.  A customer HAS to choose a particular day first and their price point(s), why is there no option to just get best available for a price point(s) regardless of day?  I’m almost positive given the mad rush to get tickets, people would be happy enough to get tickets for ANY DAY at ANY TIME.  I swear the Ticketmaster system is a horrid piece of shit system.

In the end I couldn’t even get tickets as they kicked me off the system.  I was even just settling to purchase single seat tickets.

Why so slow?

How long should a package take that is sent from West LA to be delivered to downtown LA?  According to this USPS package tracking, six days.  Per the tracking, it goes from West LA (90025) to Long Beach (90809) to Central Alameda (90052) to McArthur/Westlake (90057) to Westlake/Financial District (90017) back to McArthur/Westlake (90057) to downtown LA (90014) and then finally delivered.


Why does it even go to Long Beach?  And why does it bounce back and forth around DTLA like that?