The K2

So I heard of the Korean drama called The K2 because of my Google news feed on Yoona. Yes, the Yoona from Girls Generation.   This girl group was my first foray into the Kpop.  Specifically, after I heard Gee, I’ve been a fan of their music.  I mean… with such an up-beat tune it’s easy to love the song.  Then you have other fun upbeat songs like Vitamin, Dancing Queen, Mr. Taxi, Genie… ok… you get the picture.

I will also admit that Netflix has been importing quite a lot of Kdramas to US.  I’ve watched my fair share of these dramas to know that they are much more riveting than the single episodic US TV dramas.  I think one of the main issues with US dramas compared to foreign dramas are the fact that the US storylines are all contained within one single episode.  I don’t need know what happened in the past episodes to know what is going on in the current one.  Seriously… do these TV production people think we’re stupid that we can’t follow the plot line through multiple episodes?

Look at Game of Thrones?  Part of it’s popularity is the fact that each season is one long story arc that seemingly ties many plots intricately together at some point during its 8 seasons.


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