Brandywine Coffee Roasters

October’s Angels Cup comes from Brandywine Coffee Roasters.  The packaging bag is pretty nice but I forgot to take a picture of the hippos.  Fortunately, if you look at the website, different coffees future different pictures.  Anyways, October’s coffee comes from Columbia’s Antioquia region.  Specifically, (thanks to the power of the Internet), it’s from a small region called El Hato.


Opening the bag, aromas of nuts and berries waft through the air.  Grinding the beans and making my latte, the first sip is was amazing.  I taste caramel, chocolate and berries with each taste.  There was such a pleasant nutty aftertaste and since was so smooth… I ended up drinking this so fast that I brewed another latte immediately after.  Subsequent lattes have been just as delicious and smooth.


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