Verve Coffee Roasters

September’s Angels Cup (yes you read that correctly!) comes from Verve Coffee Roasters.  These beans comes from Rwanda’s Karongi region.  I haven’t had many beans from Rwanda so I’m excited.


The smell of the beans is amazing.  I get subtle floral and nutty aromas when I open the bag.  Making my latte, I get hints of berries and chocolate with every sip.  Sometimes I get a hint of nuts in the aftertaste but it’s really subtle.  I’m not sure why the nutty flavor comes and goes.  Thoughts?

I’ve also noticed that sometimes the espresso concentrate is too watered down and when mixed with the milk loses it’s normal latte punch. I’m weighing water in proportion to how much the grinds weigh and adding enough milk in proportion to how much espresso concentrate I extract.


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