Remember to Vote!!

The government confirmed that they received my mail in ballot. If you mailed in your ballot, remember to double check that the government received and accepted it. For LA County, to check click here.

The best comeback?

I think this is the best comeback from the Trump-Biden debate on Thursday. Trump was attempting to home in on the failures of why/how Biden couldn’t deliver as Vice President regarding some policy. Biden’s comeback was accurate: “It’s the Republican Congress.” But I think what’s more striking was the nearly 5 seconds of silence that followed.

Jumpy Monkey Coffee

October’s Angels Cup comes from JumpyMonkey Coffee. They’re from Papua New Guinea which I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of tasting before. Specifically the beans from this Ulya Waghi Valley region which from the looks of the Google Map is situated pretty much in the middle of the country.

Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a very smoky, ashy aroma. The aroma reminds me of a dark roasted Kona or Maui coffee smell some time ago. While the beans are being scooped out to be grounded, I start getting whiffs of fruity aromas.

After making my latte, on that first sip, I taste this deep smoky, roasted, and brown sugar flavor that very much reminds me of the recent Julian Coffee Puerto Rico beans or the Taiwan Dongshan beans. The deep smokiness also is reminiscent of Kona but there’s less acidity. The initial smoky flavor fades into this wonderful chocolate after taste that coats the tongue. What’s interesting is that this coating doesn’t last too long and each sip almost always starts with the smoky flavor that fades into chocolate. Sometimes I get hints of citrus when I immediately go for a 2nd or 3rd drink quickly. But for the most part, I’ve been taking my time to really enjoy this coffee.

To you… (a poem)

To you…

Maybe it wasn’t destined in this life.

Maybe the stars were never aligned.

Maybe defying the power of numerology was impossible.

Maybe the road not taken will lead somewhere else.

And… Thank you.

For a moment, you were everything.

For a moment, you were dazzling.

For a moment, our roads crossed paths.

For a moment, fate took pity on us.

And… In that moment, everything was magical.

Ritual Coffee Roaster

October’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Ritual Coffee Roaster. These beans come from Colombia. Colombian beans have been fairly rare so not only am I excited to try the beans but I am actually pretty excited to try this roaster again. For some context, before I started down the path of monthly and then semimonthly coffee deliveries from various roasters, I was gifted a short term subscription to Ritual Coffee as a birthday gift years ago. I’m not sure if the current version of this blog will contain my reviews from the subscription period. But I may have bought and reviewed beans from Ritual whenever I went up to the SF Bay Area.

I smell hints of berries and citruses with subtle hints of toffee. The subtleness of these aromas makes me want to just smell the beans forever. Making my latte, I taste berries, fruits and a subtle milk chocolate after taste. What I find interesting is that with each subsequent sip the flavors are changing to a more fruity/peach flavor. In addition the milk chocolate after taste also begins to take on this more nutty flavor that just sits at the back of the throat. I’m always disappointed that I finish my latte so fast. It just goes to say how delicious these beans are.

First 2020 Presidential Debate

Did anyone watch the shit show 2020 Presidential debate last night? That was one of the worst 90 minutes I have EVER sat through. I honestly thought the candidates would be civil and inform the TV audience the stances on the various topics of discussion.


The biggest issue was the constant interruptions by the interrupter-in-chief. Every interruption had him spew either personal attacks, lies, or half-truths about all the “issues” that he’s been saying for literally the past 6 years… election fraud, bringing manufacturing back, coronavirus deaths and lying about the COVID-19 severity to Woodward in February and even blaming Biden for Biden’s lack of action. I mean seriously… Trump is the President and has ALL THE POWER to prevent the spread and he blames Biden’s lack of action? Are you fucking serious man?

TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT and has ALL THE POWER to prevent the spread!!

And he’s blaming Biden? How childish can he be? Re: the Woodward tapes, I understand that as president, making the people feel safe is appropriate. Playing down the coronavirus to the public is one thing, but to not make plans to minimize the spread behind the public is a total irresponsible and un-presidential action. How many of the 200,000 deaths could have been prevented if the president took immediate hard action? How many of the deaths could have been minimized if he listened to his scientific advisors instead of going off his “instincts”? How many people would still be employed if Trump made the decision to do a hard border closure in early Jan/Feb? What about endorsing the simple act of wearing a mask as a presidential statement to everyone? His instincts pretty much bankrupted his companies a number of times. That alone should be a warning sign of his aptitude… but his supporters still think that his facade “business acumen” is still the real deal? My god….