3rd Kickstarter from Julian Kimmel

A third Kickstarter from Julian Kimmel popped up on my feed last night. I’ve been impressed with their Puerto Rico and Columbian beans that were also from Kickstarter. I already made my pledge for 3 bags of beans. The Kickstarter campaign ends around the 27NOV2020. So if you’re interested in supporting local farmers, consider pledging on this Kickstarter.

The Economic Term of Rent Seeking

I recently learned of a new economics term of “Rent Seeking.” Searching on Wikipedia or Investopedia will give you an pretty detailed definition. For the common person, think of rent seeking as the ability to maintain (or even increase wealth) through existing methods of obtaining wealth while not providing others the ability to obtain wealth.

I realized that the rent seeking concept is more widespread and commonly practiced outside of economics. If the term is generalized even further to situations where person will “protect” what they have by implementing rules. Using the generalized term, situations related to condos and home owner associations could also be classified as rent seeking. Listening to the rationales of condo owners arguing in favor of rental unit restriction is pretty infuriating. Some of the reasoning were related to their current experience of renters, the apparent drop in property value due to renters, and potential future inability to refinance. That sounds like rent seeking to me. I never understood why some people are very adamant about issues that limit others but after learning this term it makes perfect sense to me now.

Another area I see generalized rent seeking is in these voter suppression laws. With voter suppression, politicians create superfluous rules and processes that generally makes it harder for ordinary citizens to vote. Rules such as ID laws or voter purges or even mail-in ballot restrictions further discourages voters who already may have a difficult time getting to the polls due to socio-economic reasons. In the end, the rules benefit a small population of voters relatively easy access and a lower level of entry to voting. These rules end up benefitting the politician such that the politician only needs to “please” these small voter blocs. How is this democratic if only a small voter bloc can dictate the rules to govern and affect the lives of the general population? Because it’s not.

Queen City Coffee Roaster

November’s Angels Cup comes from Queen City Coffee Roaster. I’m happy they sent a small sticker but it’s difficult to peel it off the backing! These beans are from Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region.

Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a wonderful floral and fruity aroma. What stands out to me is the intensity of the fruity berry smells. Making my latte, I’m greeted with a pleasant nutty and berry taste. The after taste also coats my mouth with this milk chocolate taste. The consistency of the latte and the beans really showcases just how good Yirgacheffe Ethiopian beans are.

Possible song?

So my last post had me humming “The Adams Administration

Welcome folks to the Biden Administration
The AP has projected Biden as the Pennsylvania winner
Now it's time for a new age of decency, conciliation
Yet why is Trump still whining about fake election results?
And why aren't Republicans repudiating such shameful theatrics?
"Shut up Trump. Go back to playing golf." is all his allies needs to say....

Welcome to the Biden Administration

At 8:30am PST on 07NOV2020, the Associated Press (AP) officially declared Biden is projected to win for Pennsylvania and the state’s 20 electoral votes. With those 20 votes, the AP is also projecting Biden to be the 46th President of the United States of America as PA pushes Biden past the required 270 electoral votes. It’s now a 230pm PST.

The Next President…

As of 04NOV2020 11pm Pacific, the electoral map of who wins the US Presidency is still unknown. Neither Trump nor Biden has reached the magical 270 electoral votes.

I’ve been thinking if Biden were to win the presidency, he’s going to faced with a number of difficult issues… controlling COVID-19, appeasing racial inequality, combating climate change, equalizing economic and wealth inequality, updating healthcare for all, and reconciling the partisanship (if that’s even possible). And with the divisiveness of America, he’ll be met with extreme opposition with every national decision. With the Senate majority potentially still being retained by the Republicans, the Senate could easily slow any progress similar to how McConnell’s strategy played out in the last two years of Obama’s presidency. Furthermore, if the Democrats do manage to flip the Senate, a conservative court and very litigious Republicans lawyers could also complicate any potential progress to correct these issues. These issues are just some national issues plaguing America!!

From a foreign policy perspective, there’s also the ongoing trade disputes with China as well as the repairing not only the relationships that the current administration have destroyed. Many foreign nations look at US with a sense of uncertainty and view the US presidency as a with little confidence especially compared to the previous administration. Rebuilding the reputation of US as a world leader as a confident, committed, dependable ally is just as important for the future of US.

Biden is right. The 2020 election is an election for the “Soul of the Nation.” It’s an election that determines the course of the American future. It’s an election that hopefully starts the process of bringing back the civility and decency of the American people.

  • I am tired of living in a nation where I wake up to news about how the current administration is offering lies related to COVID19.
  • I am tired of living in a nation where I wake up to news about Trump spouting face and misleading information.
  • I am tired of living in a nation where I wake up to Trump tweeting about racism and fomenting violence between people.
  • I am just tired of Trump, his lies, his temper tantrums, his inability to lead, his pettiness, his racist views, and his moral character.

Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Company

November’s Trade Coffee (referral link) comes from Caffe Vita Roasting Company. Everything about these beans are different from the normal single origin, light to medium roast beans that I’ve been receiving from other roasters. This bag is clearly a blend so the origins of the beans are unknown. However, since this is a French roast, I think the origin of the beans are not as important as the roasting promise.

Upon opening the bag I get strong charcoal, ashy aroma reminiscent of beans that have gone through dark roasting. Making my latte, the first sip definitely reminds me of a dark roast with a charcoal, ashy flavor. After the initial flavor hit, I start tasting hints of berries and citrus which is overpowered by a milk chocolate after taste. Although the milk chocolate is pleasant, it really becomes the dominant flavor with every sip. I actually enjoy these beans. It’s a different aroma and flavor then previous lattes that I’ve made.