The Next President…

As of 04NOV2020 11pm Pacific, the electoral map of who wins the US Presidency is still unknown. Neither Trump nor Biden has reached the magical 270 electoral votes.

I’ve been thinking if Biden were to win the presidency, he’s going to faced with a number of difficult issues… controlling COVID-19, appeasing racial inequality, combating climate change, equalizing economic and wealth inequality, updating healthcare for all, and reconciling the partisanship (if that’s even possible). And with the divisiveness of America, he’ll be met with extreme opposition with every national decision. With the Senate majority potentially still being retained by the Republicans, the Senate could easily slow any progress similar to how McConnell’s strategy played out in the last two years of Obama’s presidency. Furthermore, if the Democrats do manage to flip the Senate, a conservative court and very litigious Republicans lawyers could also complicate any potential progress to correct these issues. These issues are just some national issues plaguing America!!

From a foreign policy perspective, there’s also the ongoing trade disputes with China as well as the repairing not only the relationships that the current administration have destroyed. Many foreign nations look at US with a sense of uncertainty and view the US presidency as a with little confidence especially compared to the previous administration. Rebuilding the reputation of US as a world leader as a confident, committed, dependable ally is just as important for the future of US.

Biden is right. The 2020 election is an election for the “Soul of the Nation.” It’s an election that determines the course of the American future. It’s an election that hopefully starts the process of bringing back the civility and decency of the American people.

  • I am tired of living in a nation where I wake up to news about how the current administration is offering lies related to COVID19.
  • I am tired of living in a nation where I wake up to news about Trump spouting face and misleading information.
  • I am tired of living in a nation where I wake up to Trump tweeting about racism and fomenting violence between people.
  • I am just tired of Trump, his lies, his temper tantrums, his inability to lead, his pettiness, his racist views, and his moral character.

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