I’ve heard of Dan Ariely from Freakonomics.  Freakonomics talks about his Behavioral Economics research quite “freakwently” (see what i did there!?) on a number of different topics that range from lying, dating, paying taxes and even quitting.

Imagine my surprise that there’s this Netflix documentary called (Dis)honesty: The Truth about Lies.  This documentary is an in depth dive about lying.  It’s like an extended TedTalk (a TedDoc!).  Ariely will talk about some principle from his research followed by real occurrences of the principle in action taken from society.  The behavioral experiments in the lab leads to more discoveries about the social interactions and gives potential insight on why lying/cheating/dishonesty happens.

This is a pretty great documentary about lying and dishonesty and their effects on the person committing the act of dishonesty.

American Solar Eclipse of 2017

If you haven’t heard of this event in America, you are clearly not even paying attention to the news.

Yes… I understand your sentiment about all the useless Trump news and all the partisan bickering going on in the government.  We even miss out on important issues because they get overshadowed by Trump news.  But at the very least, you have to pay attention to non-political news like the American Solar Eclipse of 2017.

Solar Eclipse 21AUG2017

Thanks to modern technology, there were quite a few YouTube Live feeds going on.  So even though I was not in the path of totality for this eclipse I still got to experience the awesomeness that is a total eclipse (of the heart.)

Thread Coffee

This month’s Angel Cup Coffee Bean delivery comes from Thread Coffee.


By now, I’ve come to the conclusion that whole beans smell amazing regardless of where they are from.  These beans have the usual smell of nuts, cherry or berry, and chocolate. Strangely enough, I also smell something similar to that smell in a glass after drinking a bottle of coco cola that was poured into a cup.

After grinding, the smelling notes of nuts, cherry and chocolate were subdued.  There wasn’t anything particular striking from the ground coffee honestly.  The latte was buttery and smooth.  The latte also had a very subdued flavor chocolate and nut flavor.  Very subtle.  There was also very little after taste with each sip.

I think I’m going to enjoy drinking this month’s coffee.

Trump’s Remark on Charlottesville

Is there absolutely any point in confronting Trump on his many remarks… the latest being his “too late for that” Monday statement and then back-pedaling from it today.  Nothing Trump says (or doesn’t say) surprises me anymore.  His initial statement on Saturday wasn’t enough… but I saw it more of Trump riding the fence trying to find that perfect balance where he doesn’t alienate his core supporters and the everyone else who has some common sense and human decency.

Trump should just go all in and be the racist/sexist/isolationist/egotistical President that he campaigned on.  Screw the fake media.


All or Nothing

Have you seen Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing TV show?  I just finished Season 2 which talked about the LA Rams (disastrous) 2016 season.  They apparently ended the season 4-12.  Yet they were still ranked 3rd in NFC West in front of the 2-14 San Francisco 49ers.

This total access into the daily lives of the Rams’ coaches and players is fascinating.  I can’t imagine how many hours of footage was recorded to be summarized down to only 8 1-hour episodes.  But these 8 episodes cover quite a lot starting with their move from St. Louis to LA.  The show covers quite a few games as well as sheds light into some of the reason why Goff replaced Keenum.  The show ends with the Rams firing Fisher and hiring McVay as the head coach.

Overall it’s a pretty good show to watch while waiting for the 2017 season to start.