All or Nothing

Have you seen Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing TV show?  I just finished Season 2 which talked about the LA Rams (disastrous) 2016 season.  They apparently ended the season 4-12.  Yet they were still ranked 3rd in NFC West in front of the 2-14 San Francisco 49ers.

This total access into the daily lives of the Rams’ coaches and players is fascinating.  I can’t imagine how many hours of footage was recorded to be summarized down to only 8 1-hour episodes.  But these 8 episodes cover quite a lot starting with their move from St. Louis to LA.  The show covers quite a few games as well as sheds light into some of the reason why Goff replaced Keenum.  The show ends with the Rams firing Fisher and hiring McVay as the head coach.

Overall it’s a pretty good show to watch while waiting for the 2017 season to start.


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