All or Nothing Revisited

So I’ve written about Amazon’s All or Nothing show in the past.  They’re on Season 3 and recently I’ve been rewatching the past 2 seasons as well too.  I still think it’s a great behind the scenes reality show about all the issues that go into a football team and their ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl ring.

But as I’m rewatching the show, I wonder how the teams deal with the psychology of the players leading up to the game and then after the game regardless if the team won or lost on game day.  What’s shown to the viewers is generally an expletive filled team talk psyching themselves up before game day.  And then very little reflection on what happened at the game and what they could have done differently.  So that’s one thing I’m curious about.

The other thing I’m curious about is how does the management motivate a 53 man NFL team to perform optimally mentally and physically every week for 21-25 weeks (including pre-season exhibition games and potential post-season playoff games).  Every season each team undoubtedly says their ultimate goal is to get a Super Bowl Ring.  But that goal is the ultimate payoff for the team but in reality there can be only 1 team.  So how does motivation work?  I don’t think the expletive filled methods in the show is the optimal way of motivation.



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