Stacks Coffee Roasters

June’s Angels Cup comes from Stacks Coffee Roasters. The beans are from Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region. When I received the package about a week ago, I could smell the distinctive coffee aroma through the delivery bag!! When I opened the delivery bag, I wasn’t too surprised that the beans were from Ethiopia. The coffee beans from Ethiopia have this distinctive honey, floral, nutty aroma.

Making my latte, I’m reminded as to why single origin Ethiopian beans are consistently rated as one of the best regions. The sweet honey flavors in the latte that leads to this floral mid-taste was amazing. The latte did have a surprising butter nutty aftertaste that I did not expect. Normally, I expected a smoother nutty after taste but it’s not bad.

Equator Coffee

I’m almost all caught up with my coffee subscriptions. For May, Trade Coffee sent these delicious beans from Equator Coffee. The beans are single origin from the southern part of Ecuador (Espindola, Loja) in South America. I’ve actully been impressed with previous Equator roasted beans in the past. I found them to be consistently delicious.

Opening the bag, I smell this wonderful herby, citrus, fruity aroma. Making my latte, I think my expectations were too high and I was somewhat disappointed. I was expecting to be blown away by the fruity herby flavors but what I tasted was a very subdued herby/black tea flavor with hints of citrus and sweetness mixed in. Making more lattes in the following days, the subtle black tea flavor was perhaps the most defining taste for these beans. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but just something different I suppose.

Last Week Tonight: Asian Americans

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight talked about Asian Americans. This 30 minutes of discourse is not enough.

After watching this video….

  • Can we all agree… White America has a history of pitting various ethnic groups against each other. Even John Oliver calls it out.
  • Asian Americans are come from 20+? countries in Asia ranging from India, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. We probably speak well over 20+ dialects/languages. We have different cultures, eat different foods, practice different religions, and have different customs. AND YET… the only thing that ties us together is this term. We should use this to our advantage.
    • As Asian Americans, we have to pursue positive change.
    • As Asian Americans, we absolutely need to leave America better for our grand kids.
    • As Asian Americans, we must demand for a country that doesn’t discriminate people of different skin color, heritage, sexual orientation, religion and socio economic status.
    • As Asian Americans, we have to help other minorities as much as possible.
  • The only thing White America fears is when we minorities call out the racism that exists. You know you’ve hit a sensitive topic when attempts to deflect the conversation involves “what about-ism”.
  • And finally… As Americans, can we strive to follow the Golden Rule? Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Trump’s Facebook Ban

By now, the news of Trump’s 2 year ban from Facebook has been widely circulated. I actually disagree with Facebook’s decision of a 2 year ban. Trump should be allowed the opportunity to take back his Facebook (FB) profile. However, FB should strip his history of posts and interactions as if it were a new account. Then, Trump would be subjected to these “more stringent rules” in place for politicians and face the penalties of violating it.

One has to wonder what these new rules are and how many other rules are there. FB explicitly has said it will ban hate speech and abuse. What about lies and fake news? Does FB have an example of what FB considers as hate speech and abuse? What does FB consider as “newsworthy”? There’s so many questions that I think FB is just playing into the Republican’s hand of “censorship.” Let’s take the current Trump talking point about the “stolen” election. Where does it rank amongst FB’s new rules? FB… how about some transparency?

What about the other social media platforms like Twitter (another Trump favorite). Trump looks like it’s still banned from Twitter. But will Twitter also apply the same rules to other politicians as it did to Trump?

Theodores Coffee Roaster

Roasted in early May, Angels Cup (referral link) sent me beans from Theodore’s Coffee Roaster. The beans are from Nicaragua. With the recent selections of beans from Central America, I’m noticing differences in the taste of these beans relative to the African beans.

Opening the bag earlier this week, I smell fruity sweet aromas with a hint of peanut butter at the end. Making my latte, the fruity aroma morphs into this delicious peach-y/apple-y flavor. The nutty aroma also introduces now a nutty after taste that sits at the back of the throat. There’s also this pleasant caramel sweetness with each sip.

Metric Coffee

I received this bag of beans from Trade Coffee (referral link) about 4 weeks ago. The beans were roasted by Metric Coffee and are single origin beans from Honduras. The map coordinates N14° 54′ 40″ by W88° 05″ 32″ apparently point to Las Vegas, Honduras. According to the description, the beans originate from the farms outside of Las Vegas, Honduras. I admit adding map coordinates is a pretty neat way to tell people where beans come from.

The initial aroma of berries and dried fruit permeate the first deep inhale. Grinding the beans and then making my latte, I am greeted by a fruity, nutty taste. After the first sip, I start tasting this chocolate aftertaste that lingers at the back of the mouth. I find that these Honduras beans taste differently from the previous beans. Although both are single origin from Honduras, these beans have a different profile. Comparably, I preferred the previous beans over this one.