Metric Coffee

I received this bag of beans from Trade Coffee (referral link) about 4 weeks ago. The beans were roasted by Metric Coffee and are single origin beans from Honduras. The map coordinates N14° 54′ 40″ by W88° 05″ 32″ apparently point to Las Vegas, Honduras. According to the description, the beans originate from the farms outside of Las Vegas, Honduras. I admit adding map coordinates is a pretty neat way to tell people where beans come from.

The initial aroma of berries and dried fruit permeate the first deep inhale. Grinding the beans and then making my latte, I am greeted by a fruity, nutty taste. After the first sip, I start tasting this chocolate aftertaste that lingers at the back of the mouth. I find that these Honduras beans taste differently from the previous beans. Although both are single origin from Honduras, these beans have a different profile. Comparably, I preferred the previous beans over this one.


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