319 Coffee Roasters

These coffee beans came roughly 5 weeks ago. Interestingly enough, the front label doesn’t show that it’s from 319 Coffee Roaster, but the back label does (which I don’t have a picture of). The beans are still up for sale on their website that show the same sticker. I hypothesize that because the bag in the online store already has the roaster logo, the bag I received must have been part of a bulk packaged kind. Regardless I was excited to try beans from Honduras. I haven’t had too many beans from Honduras.

Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a subdued aromas of berries and chocolate. Making my latte, the first sip had this smoothy velvety chocolate milk flavor. There was also a slight nutty/toffee after taste with each sip. I also tasted a hint of sweetness with each subsequent taste.


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