Highwire Coffee Roasters

Not part of my monthly Angels Cup subscription, I stumbled upon Highwire Coffee Roaster on a recent trip to NorCal.  I had a latte and was really impressed at how aromatic and flavorful the beans were.  So impressed I decided to buy a bag of beans. Although they didn’t have the blend of beans that the shop used at the time, I got something that I was pretty familiar with: coffee beans from Ethiopia.


Opening the bag, a nice floral aroma wafts in the air.  Taking a bigger whiff, the earthy nuttiness starts to come through with bits of cocoa mixed in.

So as a bit of an aside, I used to go to Starbucks regularly even when I had Angels Cup subscription.  In my opinion, the minimum a latte had to taste like is Starbucks latte.  Coffee Bean and Peet’s Coffee are too sweet and too bitter respectively.  Anyways, making my latte, the first sip actually pretty mediocre… like Starbucks quality level.  I was disappointed.  However, with subsequent sips, I started to notice more subtleties in the latte.  I get this subtle sweetness that I associate with the cocoa flavors.  The floral, nutty notes are also very subdued.  After making it a few times, I’ve come to enjoy the subtleties in this bag of beans.

A New Watch

I think it’s time to get and wear a watch again.  I used to wear one but with the invention of the smartphone, the smartphone becomes the watch.  In the past years, I never really needed a watch before but recently I’ve been having what could be described as “Time Anxiety.”  It’s a feeling that I’m going to miss something important because I didn’t notice the time and I feel self conscious about taking out my smartphone to especially when I’m talking to people who are at a much higher pay grade than me.

I’ve been researching watches and watch brands.  I’m going to stay away from the smart watches.  I’ve always been amazed at the Automatic/Kinetic watches where the movement of the arm powers the watch.  I also don’t want too expensive of a watch but I’m not sure what my price point is at the moment.  Ideally I’d also like a small case.  It seems like most men’s watches seem to be around 42mm case which I feel is pretty huge on the wrist.

Something like this… or this…??  Hmmm….

Little Amps Coffee Roasters

October’s Angels Cup comes from Little Amps Coffee Roasters.  It comes from Ethiopia’s Sidama region which I’ve had the privilege to taste beans from in the past.


An aroma of berries and nuts greets me upon opening the bag.  The aroma even after grinding doesn’t stand out that much.  That being said, after making my latte, I was blown away by the taste.  The smoothness of the latte was amazing mixing flavors of berries, cocoa and floral notes.  It’s been a while since I’ve wanted a second cup immediately after the first but it was really that good.

Market Lane Coffee

I was recently gifted a bag of Market Lane Coffee coffee beans from Australia.  The bag was a Seasonal Espresso which is a blend of 90% Guatemalan and 10% Ethiopian beans.


I’ve never a blend before.  Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with a wonderful earthy and berry aroma.  There is a faint cocoa aroma intermingling in that aroma.  Grinding the beans releases the cocoa aroma even more.  Interestingly enough, the berry aroma also becomes a much more dominant aroma than before.  I had high expectation for this blend.  But after making the latte, I was a little disappointed.

Tasting the latte, I get strong chocolate milk, blueberry and cherry flavors — exactly as it says in the bag.  I was surprised by the accuracy of the taste.  But I think because of how strong the cocoa and berry aroma was, I was expecting a much stronger/flavorful cocoa and berry taste.  What I ultimately tasted were very subdued flavors where none of the flavors overpowered any of the others.  Perhaps this was purposely done by the roaster?

Don’t get me wrong… although I was disappointed by such subdued flavors, I was happy to try beans roasted from another continent.  It could just how the Australians love their coffee.