A New Watch

I think it’s time to get and wear a watch again.  I used to wear one but with the invention of the smartphone, the smartphone becomes the watch.  In the past years, I never really needed a watch before but recently I’ve been having what could be described as “Time Anxiety.”  It’s a feeling that I’m going to miss something important because I didn’t notice the time and I feel self conscious about taking out my smartphone to especially when I’m talking to people who are at a much higher pay grade than me.

I’ve been researching watches and watch brands.  I’m going to stay away from the smart watches.  I’ve always been amazed at the Automatic/Kinetic watches where the movement of the arm powers the watch.  I also don’t want too expensive of a watch but I’m not sure what my price point is at the moment.  Ideally I’d also like a small case.  It seems like most men’s watches seem to be around 42mm case which I feel is pretty huge on the wrist.

Something like this… or this…??  Hmmm….


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