Market Lane Coffee

I was recently gifted a bag of Market Lane Coffee coffee beans from Australia.  The bag was a Seasonal Espresso which is a blend of 90% Guatemalan and 10% Ethiopian beans.


I’ve never a blend before.  Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with a wonderful earthy and berry aroma.  There is a faint cocoa aroma intermingling in that aroma.  Grinding the beans releases the cocoa aroma even more.  Interestingly enough, the berry aroma also becomes a much more dominant aroma than before.  I had high expectation for this blend.  But after making the latte, I was a little disappointed.

Tasting the latte, I get strong chocolate milk, blueberry and cherry flavors — exactly as it says in the bag.  I was surprised by the accuracy of the taste.  But I think because of how strong the cocoa and berry aroma was, I was expecting a much stronger/flavorful cocoa and berry taste.  What I ultimately tasted were very subdued flavors where none of the flavors overpowered any of the others.  Perhaps this was purposely done by the roaster?

Don’t get me wrong… although I was disappointed by such subdued flavors, I was happy to try beans roasted from another continent.  It could just how the Australians love their coffee.



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