Terrace House: Boys & Girls In the City

For the past few days, I’ve been watching this Netflix show called Terrace House: Boys and Girls In the City.  The show is an unscripted Japanese reality TV show about 3 men and 3 women living in a house while cameras record their interactions.  It’s almost like America’s MTV Real World show that somehow doesn’t devolve into screaming matches and one-upsmanship.  I think Japan is probably the only place where politeness and courtesy is still respected while in the middle of heated arguments.

Aside from the show itself, there are a group of commentators that comment on the events in the show.  They’re mainly interested in the human relationships between the different housemates.  Sometimes the commentary is hilarious as they try to dissect the thoughts and emotions of the housemates interacting with each other.  The raw emotions the housemates experience seems to be real.  Some of the facial expressions cannot be faked especially when housemates announce suddenly that they’ll be leaving.  I don’t know how much footage gets recorded but every week gets edited down to approximately 30 minutes.

My favorite housemate would have to be Misaki.  She has a great smile.